Difficulty finding players for live rengo games

As always, we have been waiting for a long time to reach enough users in a live rengo game. I thought maybe the forum would be an attractive method for invitations. the challenge is still open.(!) :rofl::joy: also it might be helpful to discuss what needs to be done to increase the popularity of live rengo games.

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I think there could be an option to receive notice of live rengo.


I hope we could get live rengo automatch button someday, maybe it will work out or maybe not, but i do feel like its worth the shot.

And if there wont be automatch rengos, maybe listing live rengo challenges directly under normal live challenges might help a little bit. Even if that ‘little bit’ isnt much, surely every little effort for making rengo more popular would be only positive, right?


Go’s transparency and simplicity make Rengo more fun than most other team games. and by balancing the level differences, you can enjoy any game much more than classic go. The fact that people haven’t tried it or that rengo hasn’t caught their attention before, realizes what they missed when they tried it, in short focusing on popularity can really change the situation.

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Another idea is to have a registry of interested players, perhaps as a wiki. Players could list their rank and times when they would most likely be available. An organizer could quickly scan the list of potential participants and send out invitations.

I played a live rengo that Sofiam invited me to. It was fun, and I would like to play more. However, most people have significant time obligations, such as work, school, and family. I suspect that this is the main obstacle to the creation of more live rengo games.

If you go to Play Go at online-go.com! | OGS you can find some groups about rengo. You can send a message in their chat when you want to invite players to a live rengo.