Diplomatic Go 🗡 The Second Game

Maybe we could give @Maharani another 12 hours and then consider it a pass?

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well like what if I don’t remember to check within 12hrs? Im kinda worried now since I am checking now that I will forget tmr. glgl on elections tonight too here.

The next round would also take 36 hours.


I want to remind everybody that changing the submitted moves is allowed within the time frame of a round. In order to keep the game going I recommend submitting moves early on, then change them later if necessary.


I got reply from @Leira, who is willing to substitute. Could everyone who is in a private conversation with @Maharani add @Leira to their conversations?

@Maharani will be added to the Kibitz Garden, and thus is no longer allowed to discuss the game with any of the players.

We will progress to the next round 2020-11-04T21:00:00Z.


Sorry everybody, and thank you Leira for taking over. <3


End of Round 16

image@PiggyStardust and image@yebellz both collided with a preexisting stone for their first move. image@PiggyStardust managed to place their stone at their second choice, while image@yebellz collided again, with the stone placed by image@Sanonius as a first choice, but managed to place their third choice.

The only “old” group of stones without liberties is image@martin3141’s group around C3, which will be removed from the board. Because of this, the three “new” groups of stones at imageC1, imageD2 and imageE3 gain at least one liberty, thus remain on the board.

Any player with 4 stones or less on the board is eliminated at the start of Round 17.
All players enter Round 17 with at least 5 stones, therefore nobody is not eliminated.

Player 1st
image@le_4TC N5
image@PiggyStardust B4 E3
image@martin3141 B1
image@Sanonius C1
image@Haze_with_a_Z K3
image@yebellz F4 C1 D2
image@Leira G12

Round 17

In order not to be eliminated at the start of next round, a player needs 6 or more stones on the board.

Round 17 starts with the following position.

Editable demo board

Please submit your next moves before 2020-11-05T21:00:00Z

Current number of stones per player:


Finally the silent destroyer talks

We do what we must to keep the peace

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Such needless violence :pensive:

The colours of the truthful ones: :large_blue_circle::purple_circle::yellow_circle:

Alas, violence calls violence.


I attacked neither PiggyStardust nor Yebellz this game. I do not know their reasons for helping Sanonius hurt me like this, but I believe this shows clearly what their intentions are. They don’t care about peace or justice. I advise everyone who believes in these players lies to reconsider.

You did plan to betray me after I helped you though. A sin is not forgiven out of its failed accomplishment.

That is a straight up lie. The intention behind my verbal exchange was merely to get insights in yebellz plans.

PiggyStardust, we had an agreement on how to share the territory on the lower-left corner. I did not play there for multiple moves and was true to my word. Don’t try to justify your actions with feeble excuses. It makes me sad that you would go this far just for a little bit of personal profit, when you already have so much territory in the upper-left.

And a fair moment thou chosest to get these insights, for thy dagger was still warm with the fiendish bugcat’s blood, and yet already pointed at my trusting back.
This very propitious moment made thee thinke that the time had come to prove yebellz’ amitie, not before.

No, my friend, thou art the lying knave. And not a salamander, but a serpent instead should lie, like thee, in thy filthy standards.

I hope you are happy PiggyStardust. You may win this game but you just lost a friend.

Like Othello did.

Ok, since things seem to be this serious, maybe we should excuse martin from the game and find a substitute, if so he wishes.

If this is the impact the game has on him, I don’t think anybody expects his commitment until the very end anyway.

Another… substitute…

You’re talking like it’s easy to find them ><


You could always offer the position back up to Gia. Or Sanonius, if things take the worst turn for our great nation~

You’re right Vsotvep, I noticed that. Sorry about it and thanks for the efforts you made to find the others :grin:

It was just a proposal anyway.