Do OGS Ratings compare to Others?

I am a so-so player. I have barely a grasp of fundamental GO concepts. OGS gives me an 11k rating. I don’t feel like I am up to that rating. So I am wondering, how do OGS ratings compare with other entities, for example, the AGA?


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OGS ranking was not long ago readjusted to be between AGA and EGF.
main topic (250 posts) and 2021 update
As said in the last topic, it’s better working for a 1d as for low sdk.

In the realm of ranking systems nothing is perfect so if you feel it to be a bit wrong that’s fine. The first goal of a ranking is to offer fair games inside the server itself, other goals like fairness between places or achievement in strength are more unpredictable.

Looking at your profile, i see you are back to play after years so it can be even more unpredictable!
For information your old rating has been retroactively modified when the new rating system was implemented.

Well, if this is the case, sounds adequate to me.
Anyway, happy gaming!


Welcome back to OGS. Your case is understandably anomalous. You have a 6-year gap in your play until recently, and most of your wins are 10 years old. Some of those wins were undeserved, such as a few mysterious timeouts. So it looks like you are indeed over-ranked, not because of the system but due to circumstances. The system will probably bring your rank to its proper place when you start finishing some games. So far, the four recent games you have “played” have all been auto-annulled.


Yep i would recommend a few rated live games (even on 9x9 for quickness) to update your rating, but maybe for some schedule reasons that would be difficult ?


I don’t understand that either. Why would a game be auto-annulled?

Thank you all for your replies.


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A game may be annulled if one of the players lost by time before 2 moves have been played, or if one of the players pressed the “annul game” button before 2 moves have been played.

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