Do you use Dark theme or Light theme?

Do you use the Dark theme or Light theme on OGS and these forums?

  • Dark on Both
  • Dark on OGS, but Light on Forums
  • Light on OGS, but Dark on Forums
  • Light on Both

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Just curious what the general statistics on these preferences are. Out of respect for your privacy, I’ve set the poll responses to private. However, if you feel comfortable with discussing your theme orientation and wish to elaborate on why you prefer dark or light, please reply with a comment.

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:smiley: God forbid somebody knows I AM ON THE LIGHT SIDE OF THE FORCE!
Yes I know all of you dark siders. Bring it on. I am not afraid!!!



Light in the streets - Dark in the sheets

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Dark’s the only way to go ^^

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I actually like both themes, but have settled comfortably into the dark theme for both.

I’ve been playing around with ideas for a few new themes for the main site, but I haven’t really come up with anything that seems worth spending the time working on

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I’m all for openness, inclusion, and diversity, but this casual mixing of Star Wars and Lord of the Rings references … that I cannot countenance.

I mean, if you are going to choose someone to represent the light side of the force, why not pick any one of the many well-qualified Star Wars characters. Picking Gandalf instead is just another disappointing case of LotR-washing and an affront to Jedi everywhere.


Having tried dark themes for various purposes, I now find that a white theme burns my eyes in most cases.

The only exceptions seem to be mail readers & git UIs, which for some reason seem to need to be light themed for me to view them with comfort and ease of quick understanding. I have literally no idea why that is.

Note that I use “Dark Reader” in Chrome, so almost all page I view are dark themed anyhow :slight_smile:


Totally. I would have hidden that post immediately, except that this would have got me banned again :smiley: :smiley:

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Dark much better for my olden eyes :slight_smile:


Let me answer with another picture that might calm your nerves



Oooo that makes me so mad!!! Hobbit has two 'b’s FFS!!!


So this is what it feels like to blow a gasket

Well I was using dark on OGS and light on the forums - UNTIL - the poll informed me I could also use it on the forum. :smile:


It’s funny how a poll can alter behavior and perceptions. By the way, have you considered how one might pronounce the name of this website?


Don’t click the link! Don’t do it, it’s a trap.