Doubt about OpenGotha Tournaments

Hi all,

I have a doubt about this kind of tournament. We want to start a tournament with N rounds where N is the number of players -1 (basically, each one plays with each one). We want to run a round each week, but let players discuss and play their games when both players schedule a good time. I did some testing yesterday, and games are created and start at the same time start round is clicked.

It’s possible to do? Or it’s better just for players to create and start the game, and write the results in opengotha directly?

This would probably be the feature to use, it’s just in development to make it accessible to use

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Interesting links. Looks like Custom OGS Online Leagues is similar what I’m looking for, but I need to setip an infraestructure behind to connect to API. Could be cool to be mixed with OpenGotha to download files, I need them to be able to get the needed files to upload to EGD for rank games.

Will research, thanks.

I still hunting around for “the place to start” for the next “OGS tournament improvement”.

What I’d like most to do is make the OGS tournament system “great” for organisations to run tournaments in.

The request here is very promising, because it says “We’d use the OGS tournament system, if only it let us schedule the matches”. That’s a sensible sounding improvement to explore.

COOL is a little different to all this - it’s for an organisation that does not want to use OGS tournament management system, but just wants to run their tournament games on OGS. In that case, the organisation takes care of pairing and rules and results, and it’s a great API to say ‘set up these matches, tell me the results’. There’s definitely a place for that - for example that’s exactly what AGA wanted.

But I suspect there are more groups who like to be able to say “Here are my members, please let us run a tournament for them”. OGS ought to be good for that … let’s flush out why it isn’t :slight_smile:

I think this thread says “It isn’t because it starts the games all at once instead of letting the players or the organisation handle that”. The great news is that with COOL came a solution for that, so we “just need to” plug it into tournaments :slight_smile:

OGS also has the mechanisms to invite non-OGS members to matches, which organisations probably would want.

What other things do organisations want from the OGS tournament system?


Let me explain all. First of all, I’m new about organization, just learning every day, maybe something I say is wrong, I have no idea.

I run a club on my city and want to start a league between us, but being european rank valid. This is to promote to play on the club.

Because OTB (Over the board) is difficult because available time of everyone, we want to do it digitally.

Said that…

On one side, AFAIK, about valid rank, we have to upload tournament files to EGD exported from OpenGotha. This is the first important thing. Last months I thought to just use OpenGotha, create the tournament, tell players to play on OGS or their preffered game platform, and thats all. We write manually the results in opengotha, and once all rounds are finished, just upload to EGD.

BUT, yesterday I noticed a new kind of tournament here in OGS. OpenGotha (Beta). We tested, and looked perfect, but we found a little problem. When round start, games starts and players must play in that moment, and we don’t want that, because we want almost all members of our club doesn’t have excuses to play it, we want to let players schedule when they will play over a week. Then, OGS OpenGotha system don’t fits our needs at all for this league right now.

I think right now how OGS OpenGotha works looks almost perfect, just needs to be mixed in some way with Custom leagues feature (I saw this in, but didn’t knew how they do it, but now I see it) to be able to do what I explained.

About, “that does not want to use OGS tournament management system” is half-true. We are not against to use OGS Tournament, is more like “we can’t use OGS tournament management system because”, because we need to work with OpenGotha Files to be able to provide the tournament files to EGD.

Hope I explained better now.

Perfect, I’d love to make OGS work for you in this case, if we can.

“Player/organiser arranged start” kind of feature.

If you can spot other things you’ll for sure need let me know.


Hi again. Just curious. There was some more development on this?

It’s still in the queue. It’s really high in the queue, but I’ve been working on some moderator-support features, which are even higher in the queue.