Doubt about tsumego

Hi there!

I’m trying some Cho Chikun’s tsumego. This one I really can’t understand.
It says: “Black to kill” (I turned off all options, so it’s top left corner and black to move

I couldn’t find an answer, so I tried to click everywhere and found a sequence that says “Correct”. But still I can’t understand why white should be dead… it looks like seki to me.

I would not spoiler this puzzle, but don’t know how to discuss the solutiion otherwise. :slight_smile:
Any thought?

Ha, I found the correct solution at once! But why it should kill is indeed a question I couldn’t answer. :slight_smile:

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Difficulty 25 Kyu :thinking:

You are aware that the tsumego in Cho’s book come with neither a description, nor a goal, much less the solutions, no? Don’t trust what people say on the internet. ;D

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The first one says: “they’re all ranked as 25kyu, incorrectly”

I don’t.

I will! :slight_smile:

There is no kill, as far as I can tell. Seki in gote.

To kill the corner, black would need to find a way to play B19. If there’s no way to do that, there’s no way to kill.

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