❤ PUZZLES: A tsumego a day keeps the doctor away


I also was speculating about white A3 after black B1, but for white it’s a waste of time since black A5 doesn’t allow any other move for white.
Playing A5 first, white could at least try to make a seki.

But eventually we know that also A5 doesn’t work, so they are both “wrong moves”.

For a stronger player the only answer to this puzzle is black B1. That’s it. Nothing more, since white can’t recover in any way.
For a weaker player it could be useful to have both variations available.



Ah yes that was on the puzzle I guess sorry.
D19 B19 here

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New round of puzzles, new opportunities for solving some puzzles. Have fun.
By the way; when you enter the Interactive page by clicking on the hidden link, you usually will see a Next-button. So if you want to, you can solve some more puzzles :crazy_face:





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I already enjoyed some puzzles from “Cho Chikun’s Encyclopedia of Life and Death” but beware: solutions are not included in the original book. So I suppose they were reconstructed by someone else.

In this case I expect @Groin to mention one alternative that is marked as “incorrect” but is as useless as the other one! :wink:


White B17 instead of D19

As in a previous puzzle, once black gets the right spot, there’s nothing white can do to kill.

Doesn’t have to be someone else. Could be that so many players were not able to solve the puzzles and that the publisher decided (no doubt led by economical motives) to add the solutions later. Just a speculation.

I don’t know.

It was more than two years ago:

Tell me more about that book. In English? Digital or paper? Editor?

In a real game there are also no captions that say White kills black. :grin:
Just the last few days I have been thinking about this. Maybe tsumego’s should be without captions.
About that specific puzzle: feel free to post it here and start a discussion.

I found the encyclopedia here on OGS as a puzzle collection.

According to Sensei’s library, it’s a software for DOS:

Here you can find a PDF collection.

From PDF’s preface:
“The problems come without solutions for two reasons: first, one can learn more by reading out all the paths and solving the problems oneself; second, the solutions are copyrighted.”

So probably the original version has solutions too.

Okay, while checking puzzles yesterdayI found these beauties.
And since I know you are art lovers, I share them with you.
Don’t forget to solve them.

White to move. Are the 10 stones on the left dead, alive or a seki?



Black to move and divide the white string into two groups.



Black to move and live.



Here are some other interesting tsumego threads:


I don’t understand B15.
The first move is sente because black responds with B15.
if the reward is a ko for life to save ten stones, probably it would be better to lose few points on the side and secure the big group.

Is white A13 so dangerous?

B15 avoid that w get a second eye. So b intention is bigger as just securing his group by avoiding the ko.

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White to start and make a seki.

Interactive puzzle


White to begin.

Interactive puzzle


Black to move.

Interactive puzzle


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White can live with B15… I got stumped on this variation. Ko always depends on threats but white has a bigger group so it’s something that black can play.


The White stones look vulnerable, but White can live. White to move.

Interactive Puzzle


Black to start and capture five White stones and bringing his own three stones back to life.

Interactive Puzzle


White to play and live.

Interactive Puzzle



My first thought was: “if white just simply captures, how could black kill? How could black prevent that white makes an eye in the corner?”
It took me a while to see how. :grin:

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Black to play. Mission: capture White group.

Interactive Puzzle


Black to play and live.
In this puzzle collection you play both Black and White!

Interactive Puzzle


Black to play and kill White.

Interactive Puzzle



Surprise. Yesterday radio silence. No response, no discussions, no likes.
Assuming that you are still there, here are three new problems.
Of course you will have to solve yesterday’s puzzles first, before you can start today’s puzzles :crazy_face:

Black to move. Black to live.

Interactive Puzzle


Can White live in the corner?

Interactive Puzzle


White kills Black.

Interactive Puzzle



Neat, I just had a variation of that 2nd problem today: https://www.101weiqi.com/q/57717/

Hard problem when one of the variation is 3d level.

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