Download certain type of games through API

Hi guys,

I am working on an app to count points in real life games. Atm though I am working on a proof of concept of that with images of finished online games, to try if a neural network is an approach that could work without using too much computer vision, without having real life problems like reflextions off the board etc.

I would need about 10k finished games in SGF. Is there anyway someone could scrape them for me and send them. Also I could do it myself too if provided how to do it.

Let me know. Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

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I think they don’t have from OGS, right?

PS: There is already an app to record on board games via smartphone

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Ok thanks. so I will have to filter them after result first. thank you very much!

Didn’t know that app, but doesn’t hold me back from doing my own thing. I just want something to score a game and not record it :slight_smile:

I want something to count as well.

There is also Kifu Snap, but their pricing don’t match my needs as from time to time user.

PS: The links are meant as reference for you, not to discourage you.

Yikeweiqi / golinks has in built score from photo and is free on Android not sure about iOS

Edit: they used to be on the Google Playstore but have since been taken down. You can still get the app from their webpage but that comes with the usual warnings about downloading apk’s straight off the internet. I can only say my experience has not been a bad one.
Link for android apk:

Thanks for the links. Yeah lets see if my idea works out. If yes then my app will be definitly free.

I hope you find success in your new endeavor. I wish you luck! :smile:

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Thanks! :slight_smile: Maybe I should create a post to track my results and progress :slight_smile:

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