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Hi, I know nothing about api or python, but I would like to download my games history form OGS server to try and make some statistical analysis.

I know that I can access these data via REST but the only way for me is using browser and it’s 20 pages now. Is there any way to download all games as a single XML file? I suppose it could be done very easily but I don’t know how.

Also is there any way to retrieve ranking history?


Is this what you’re looking for?


I don’t really need SGF of each game.
It would be enough to have easy access to these contents:


Now I’m able only to see them in the browser and I’m looking for some easy way to save them to my PC in a sort of database (CSV, XML, whatever…) without having to copy/paste/edit them manually in exel or similar.

You can check this out too: G0tstats is back! (with more stats)

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@Gurxtav: yes, I know the site and would like to do some similar “intelligence” in my own, so I need some “raw” data.

I think any python programmer would do what I’m asking for in no time.
Maybe I should learn Python. :grin:

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What about pasting the json to or similar? Easy enough or you need it automated?

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I’ll try this. Thank you .

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