Dragon Go Server (DGS)

One of the oldest go server that is still alive (?)

New players don’t know about this one.


If you search “DGS” in this forum you’ll get a 50+ result.
I wish you good reading in these.

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At least the oldest corr server!


From when is it?

The postal service is probably older.

What’s the oldest online server? KGS? Or maybe Yahoo Games (but I don’t know when they added Go)?

IGS is older than KGS.


I used to play on

In 1998/99

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nice to know. can we interview the web owner or the web admin? I hope there is an exclusive youtube channel introducing Go game developer and the website/server/app they created

The Dragon Go Server startet in 2002 and IGS startet in 1992.


For those interested in the ancient history of correspondence games on the internet, I recommend reading this page:

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I’ve been playing on littlegolem, which is mentioned there, since 2006.

I used to play on DGS, and in a way I liked it (and I like it still)
even better than OGS: namely, it is an old style website with little
if any javascript, and as such is easily driven by the keyboard. I
really wish OGS development would focus on that for a bit.

I stopped (mostly) playing there because there are only 2 rulesets,
“Chinese” and “Japanese” and the implementation of both of these is
full of ambiguities – just like on OGS, but OGS has other choices
including AGA. AGA rules may have their own problems but at least they
are totally clear and when something unexpected happens you can claim
a bug with confidence.


I played my first online games on DGS exactly for that reason. Besides making a bad move myself not the slightest chance of accidently pushing “wrong” buttons which could make me get lost on the website :upside_down_face:
I joined OGS a couple of months later, after calming my nerves a bit. I like to play here very much but I also still play on DGS.