ELOTest bot - is it accurate?

I’m interested to gather opinions on the accuracy of the ELOTest bot. It is apparently playing at 13k level, and so far I’ve beaten it twice and it’s beaten me twice (around 20 stones difference each time in all games) plus I timed out once because I didn’t spot the 9 min timer. It’s currently giving me a rank of 13k, but when I’m playing against real people (or at least I think they’re real and not AI!) I’m hovering around the 21-22k mark. I’ve been playing for about 3 weeks total, so the bot seems a bit optimistic, especially as my win rate without handicap against stronger players (15-18k) is about 1 in 3 games.

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Wait no ELOTEST is a provisional not a 13k.You need to play some more games though.

I was going by the message it sent me after the game ended - it says “Engine is zen7 13k”

I tried that too, thanks for the link. My score was 106/200 which it said was European 11k. I don’t believe it!

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My score was 9kyu , u see why OGS ranks are inaccurate , I am 19 kyu on OGS

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Here’s an easy way to find out your OGS rank: play some ranked games on OGS :slight_smile:

100% guarantee that your OGS rank will be your rank on OGS!


Wait this is yours.

And that is mine so if I play too many games I will not have a accurate rank.