Endgame Question

Came across this interesting endgame position on reddit…

It seems that White could play Nc5+ next to pin the queen, but does it also work just as well to just go with Bg2+
Is there any advantage to one versus the other?

Now, how does one finish the mate with just the knight and the bishop? Please halp! I swear it’s not an ongoing game.


Must… Not… dies of asphyxiation

in my defense, I think the reddit commentators went the same route

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Did you consider Nc5 to try to break the long knight between the queen and the king?
I just wonder if cutting both groups will make it easer to kill the kings group.

Disclaimer: I’m a TPK on this variant


While we’re on AnarchyChess…

Coincidence that 9x9 boards are left out? I think not :grin:

(full list here: List of games that Buddha would not play - Wikipedia)


It’s possible to directly link or quote like this:

just by dropping a link to the post


I hope that the sarcasm in my post here and in those from that other thread are obvious

Besides, we’re not even talking about chess here, this is a Go variant

Not to be confused with variety in Go

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Why knight’s move? Wouldn’t a monkey jump be better?


Brilliant! I didn’t even see that it was a possibility to monkey jump with Na6!! since I overlooked that it would be protected by the bishop.


Yes I’m pretty sure both Nc5+ and Bg2+ win. It’s possible that one leads to an earlier mate, but afaik any (reasonable) position with Knight + Bishop vs King leads to mate in less than 50 moves. So either should be fine.

On how to mate with Bishop and Knight, there are many tutorials available. Here are the steps that I remember:

You need to force the opp. King into the corner of your Bishops colour. Thus opponent will naturally try to run to a corner of the other colour, where you can’t checkmate. But you can force them out with a “W-maneuver” with your knight. Once in the correct corner, you carefully keep restricting the king until its mate.

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I just read this … I thought it was an honest question. Sorry, I tend to struggle with sarcasm, in written form no less.

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Well, in all seriousness, I actually am kind of curious about these technical questions about the chess position. I do wonder if one choice over the other (for the first move) provides a positional advantage to yield a more efficient checkmate (I guess the practical difference is not that huge, and it is more of a theoretical question), and I did even briefly look at a tutorial video about how bishop + knight checkmates worked. I do appreciate your sincere replies.

What I meant about sarcasm for this specific thread is that it is a bit of a joke (on occasion of the day) to post such chess questions on this Go forum, and under the “General Go Discussion” category no less. I was hoping that people would be surprised to find a chess discussion, when probably expecting Go discussion.

In regards to other posts where I have disparaged chess, those are sarcastic in the sense that I don’t really have such negative feelings towards chess. I actually used to be very interested in chess since high school, although I have mostly lost interest in chess since learning more about Go. However, such posts are meant as satire that criticizes the “my game (hobby, interest, etc) is better” attitude, while presenting it in a self-deprecating fashion.


If I’m interpreting the Lichess tablebase correctly, both moves take the same time to mate!


(note that Depth To Mate is given in “half-moves”, so this is mate in 31 moves)