Etiquette protocol regarding undo in correspondence tournament

I’m currently in a correspondence tournament game in which my opponent has requested an undo.

I’m new here so I figure I should reach out for advice on etiquette. My gut instinct is to deny the undo because of the following rationale:

  • This is a tournament game
  • We’re playing correspondence. Mis-clicking isn’t a factor when my opponent had a chance to move the stone before hitting submit.
  • My opponent is 4 kyu stronger than me. I appreciate that even experienced people make mistakes, but this seems to factor in my brain. :slight_smile:

Any thoughts on this please?



In my opinion, the return of the stone is acceptable only in training games that are not rated.

Well, it is always up to your consideration, it is nice to grant an undo if you feel your opponent just sincerely misclicked as it keeps the game even and “warm” :slight_smile: but there certainly is no obligation whatsoever.

If you do not want to (I get that feeling from your question), don’t. Submit button is default settings for correspondence so miscklicks should not be that common.


Well, in general I wouldn’t allow undo in correspondence tournaments.

Do what makes you feel best. :slight_smile:


There are a range of opinions about this (as most things).

I hate being asked for an undo.

You can be reassured that there are many people who would back you if you don’t accept, especially in a tourney game.

You can get some informal insight looking at the related memes, which are in a group together in this post. :slight_smile:

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Thank you folks. :slight_smile:

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I have made misclicks twice in correspondense games. The second time the misclick was so obvious that my opponent himself kindly suggested to undo it.


Nice to see you and your oppo on good terms about it - great work! :sunglasses:

Some of the saltier players here would take that suggestion as an insult.

Then again they’re of the habitually offended kind anyway.

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While I haven’t done so in a tourney, I have accidentally mis-clicked, but only on a phone. I went to zoom out to hit submit, but my thumb moved my stone just before my finger hit the submit button. Probably not a constructive input, but I just wanted to throw my experience with that in the mix.

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Thank you for sharing your perspective; it certainly is constructive. :slight_smile: