Euro 2020

Let’s see if we have enough Euro 2020 interest here.

I like Portugal. Always a CR7 fan since his day in MU. He is still very shape and Portugal has several excellent attacking mid fielders.

In 50 minutes Holland plays Ukraine.
Used to watch all games but quit doing that 20 years ago.
But I will watch this one, although if it is not interesting I will probably start zapping.

Ukraine was close to drawing. Both of their goals were quite nice, especially the first one.


It was a gg and I did hf.

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For a second, I thought you meant you just played the game. :grinning:

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A funny second goal at 3:42

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Red card was a bit iffy, don’t you think. I don’t think the player earned it.

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I don’t think that deserves second yellow - > red. It was more earned than given.

Also, what civility is this?? No harassing the referee for the card?! Just a “you sure?.. Ok, I thought I’d check, k bye”. Are we sure this is Euro?! How long was I gone?


Go CR7.

*Video unavailable

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Tonight: Netherlands - Austria

Denmark is winning against Belgium?

Leading 1-0, but still a long time to the end.
Belgium doesn’t play very well.

It was too good to be true all along.


England - Scotland starting soon ^^

I like it, guaranteed loss for the brits! (i count draws as losses for both ^^)


Genius, I never thought about it like this!

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