European Go Journal: August 2022

On the usual go board, intersections are not equal: when you place a stone, it can have four liberties, three (on the side) or two (in the corner).

Have you ever thought of a go board, on which all the intersections would have four liberties? Nikola Tsarigradski has created such a board - it has a shape of a torus (or simply a donut).

In the August edition of the European Go Journal, we will publish Nikola’s article on his research.

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Nordic Go Dojo ran a toroidal go tournament on the variant Go server before

with some comments on some of the games from players here for example

and a video

just for further interest.


In the August edition of the European Go Journal, you will find an interview with Tobias Berben - the Editor of the Deutsche Go-Zeitung (German Go Magazine) and Co-founder of the Hebsacker Verlag - one of the biggest Western online go shops.

August 2022 edition of the European Go Journal:

Artwork on the cover by Alizée Chabin.