Fantasy Go League!

Hey, starting next week we’ll be drafting fantasy go teams for a year-long fun competition. Essentially we’ll take turns selecting professional go players (imagine school yard team selection, one at a time, taking turns, someone can’t be on two different teams) and using a scoring system developed (definitely more art than science, but it looks somewhat balanced) we’ll compete to see whose players have had more success over the course of a year+ of go.

The draft will be a total of 10 rounds, and each team will need to have at least 3 Japanese players, 3 Chinese players, and 3 Korean players, with one player left over from whatever country you’d like.

The scoring system, without going into full details, will award the title winner, the loser of the title match, the runner up to the challenger, and players who won the quarter finals, depending on the tournament.

Tournaments included for scoring are
Bailing, MLILY, LG, Samsung, Chunlan
Kisei, Meijin, Honinbo, Oza, Tengen, Gosei, Judan, Agon, Ryusei, NHK
Kuksu, GS Caltex, Myeongin, KBS, Maxim
Mingren, Tianyuan, Quzhou-Lanke, Changqi, Agon, Qiwang, Longchen, CCTV

We tried to do a good job of balancing, so Korean tournaments are worth a little more because there are fewer.

Anyway, let me know if you’re interested. After the draft it’ll just be checking in to see which of your players are winning titles. The fun of fantasy sports is in having a reason to cheer for players you normally don’t follow, giving you a reason to watch more of the tournaments.


im in


I’m in too

Cool, I think 6 people would be perfect so I’m going to see if mark wants to play (because he liked the thread) and try to nab one more although I guess unlike h2h fantasy sports there’s no reason we can’t have 5 so maybe we can just start right away

Sounds fun. Count me in and do tell when you want us to state our picks.

Ok, so everyone is in, I’m going to enter our names into a random number generator to determine the order of the draft. In a serpentine draft we take turns, cannot duplicate a player, and the draft order reverses each round (for fairness, this causes the name serpentine). For example, the order would go 1 2 3 4 5 6 | 6 5 4 3 2 1 | 1 2 3 4 5 6 and that would be 3 rounds right there. That way which pick you have isn’t a distinct advantage over anyone else.

Main question I need to ask the people involved, do you want to just do this correspondence style through the forums, or should we make a group room (I can’t make one I have the max of two already)? I think going on the forums here is fine because it’ll save everything. I’ll also make a google doc, I think, to keep track of the teams and point scoring. Also before we draft I’ll detail the point scoring.

The points will be awarded as follows: (Note this was somewhat improvised and might not be perfectly balanced, but should be balanced well enough to ensure fun. Also note that the tournaments will have their iteration number next to them, in some cases, the tournament that we’re going to score points on will be the one that hasn’t started yet i.e. the 21st LG Cup Finals are already decided, so we’ll use the 22nd LG cup which will start this summer and end in early-mid 2018 instead)

Major INTERNATIONAL TOURNAMENTS (4th Bailing, 3rd MLILY, 22nd LG, 22nd Samsung, 12th Chunlan*)
1st place: 14 points, 2nd place: 10 points, 3rd/4th: 6, lost in quarters: 2

*Chunlan has a 3rd place game, so 3rd: 8, 4th: 4 will apply to that tournament.

Major (42nd Kisei*, 42nd Meijin, 73rd Honinbo)
Title winner: 8, Challenger/title game loser: 6, tournament runner up: 3, semifinals: 2, quarters: 1

*Kisei : Making the knockout stage will award a player 3 points. There are no semifinals or quarters. Both B league winners will get the 3 points.

Mid-level (65th Oza, 43rd Tengen, 42nd Gosei, 56th Judan)
Title: 6, Challenger: 4, Runner up: 2, Semifinals: 1

Secondary (24th Agon, 26th Ruisei, 65th NHK Cup)
Winner: 4, Runner-up: 2, Semifinals: 1


Major ( 60th Kuksu, 44th Myeongin)
Kuksu : Title: 12, Challenger: 8, Runner Up: 4, Semi: 2, Quarters: 1
Myeongin: 1st: 12, 2nd: 8, Semi: 4, Quarters: 2

22nd GS Caltex Cup
1st: 10, 2nd: 6, Semi: 3, Quarters: 1

Secondary (36th KBS, 18th Maxim Cup)
1st: 8, 2nd: 5, Semi: 2


Major (30 Mingren, 32nd Tianyuan)
Title: 10, Challenger: 7, Runner up: 4, Semi: 2

Secondary (7th Quzhou-Lanke, 14th Changqi, 14th Agon Cup, 13th Qiwang, 8th Longchen, 2nd CCTV)

1st: 6, 2nd: 4, Semi: 2, Quarters 1

You may have noticed the Korean Cups are worth the most (besides internationals) and the Japanese are worth the least. That’s a balance decision, because there are fewer Korean tournaments and more Japanese tournaments. Also, some players are guaranteed points by way of currently holding the title, (and being unable to finish any worse than title or challenger loss), I couldn’t think of a way around it.

Anyway, regardless of where we decide to do this, hiryuu can make their first pick whenever they would like. Someone likely to rack up a bunch of points in the coming year. Final note, each roster must have 3 players from each country minimum (total 10) so if you try to take a 5th pro from a country (or 4 from a country when you already have 4 from another) we’ll have to stop and re-do that pick.

oh no i missed out :frowning: someone start another one

I’ll just squeeze you in to the draft order really quick, hold on

wooooo im excited, been wanting someone to do this for ages

I wasn’t going to just add Jonasd to the end, so I used to pick a random number to fit him into the draft order, but I rolled 7th anyway, so congrats you’re seventh. Try to help people out by letting them know, if you see them on OGS, that it’s their pick in the draft.

New order


We are closed now though any more would make it unwieldy, sorry! Anyone who likes the idea is welcome to use the scoring system or tweak it as is necessary, there’s no copyright :stuck_out_tongue:

so, is there a deadline for the picks? or are we starting picks yet?

not really a deadline but I hope people respond pretty quickly considering they’ll be getting a pm on OGS. And yeah, we’re starting. If everyone was on all at the same time we could probably get this thing done in an hour haha, but that’s not likely considering the time zones. The bookends have it easy because you get to make both your picks one after the other.

I’m fine with either. Go with the one that will cause you the least hassle :smiley:

make your pick so we can get started! we’ll work out the details as we go :slight_smile:

yay it’s hiryuu!!! well let’s just pick here, and I’ll transfer everything to the google doc. Anyway it’s your turn now, when you’re finished with your turn, please message the person after you (although in this case I’ll do it for you). Your pick, you go first hiryuu!

No one has been picked yet, so you can pick anyone :slight_smile:

I’ll mark out the whole draft and edit the post as we go so it’ll all be in one place and there’ll be no confusion about order.

Round 1

1.hiryuu - Ke Jie
2.EricJHan - Park Junghwan
3.Ravensberg - Iyama Yuta
4.nadoss - Lee Sedol
5.Virtuitous - Chen Yaoye
6.mark5000 - Zhou Ruiyang
7.Jonasd - Shin Jinseo

Round 2

8.Jonasd - Mi Yuting
9.mark5000 - Lian Xiao
10.Virtuitous - Choi Cheolhan
11.nadoss - Tuo Jiaxi
12.Ravensberg - Shi Yue
13.EricJHan - Xie He
14.hiryuu - Takao Shinji

Round 3

15.hiryuu - Lee Qincheng
16.EricJHan - Kono Rin
17.Ravensberg - Kim Jiseok
18.nadoss - Park Yeonghun
19.Virtuitous - Tan Xiao
20.mark5000 - Yamashita Keigo
21.Jonasd - Lee Donghoon

Round 4

22.Jonasd - Ichiriki Ryo
23.mark5000 - Won Seongjin
24.Virtuitous - Li Jihyun
25.nadoss - Cho U
26.Ravensberg - Gu Li
27.EricJHan - Piao Wenyao
28.hiryuu - Huang Yungsong

Round 5

29.hiryuu - Murakawa Daisuke
30.EricJHan - Michael Redmond
31.Ravensberg - Tang Weixing
32.nadoss - Dang Yifei
33.Virtuitous - Ko Iso
34.mark5000 - Motoki Katsuya
35.Jonasd - Fan Tingyu

Round 6

36.Jonasd - Lee Yeongkyu
37.mark5000 - Fan Yunruo
38.Virtuitous - Byun Sangil
39.nadoss - Yu Zhengqi
40.Ravensberg - Cho Hanseung
41.EricJHan - Lee Changho
42.hiryuu - Hane Naoki

Round 7

43.hiryuu - Kang Dongyun
44.EricJHan - Qui Jun
45.Ravensberg - Yun Junsang
46.nadoss - Shibano Toramaru
47.Virtuitous - Shida Tatsuya
48.mark5000 - An Sungjoon
49.Jonasd - Gu Zihau

Round 8

50.Jonasd - Hsu Chiayuan
51.mark5000 - Na Hyun
52.Virtuitous - Xu Jiayang
53.nadoss - Hong Seongji
54.Ravensberg - Cho Chikun
55.EricJHan - Yoo Changhyuk
56.hiryuu - Yang Dingxin

Round 9

57.hiryuu - Shin Minjun
58.EricJHan - Watanabe Yuu
59.Ravensberg - Yuki Satoshi
60.nadoss - Mao Ruilong
61.Virtuitous - Onishi Ryuhei
62.mark5000 - Ida Atsushi
63.Jonasd - Imamura Toshiya

Round 10

64.Jonasd - Jin Siyoung
65.mark5000 - Tong Mengcheng
66.Virtuitous - Kim Myunghoon
67.nadoss - An Joyeong
68.Ravensberg - Zhou Junxun
69.EricJHan - Yoda Norimoto
70.hiryuu - Kang Yootaek

My first pick: Ke Jie

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Korean: Park, Junghwan
Will notify Ravensberg on OGS

My pick Iyama Yuta
I’ll notify nadoss