Fantasy Go League!


You say “and etc.” but I think you’ve covered every single point that could be awarded at the moment. I originally planned on just putting them in when it’s done so that I wouldn’t have to go back and change numbers, rather only ever having to enter new numbers, but recently I’ve messed around with sheets a bit so I think I can enter in those results.

Important question though, if the kuksu is not played, how do you guys think I should compensate for the points that Korea no longer offers?


If it’s not played (Kuksu) maybe just distribute the points on the other Korean tournaments based on their respective weight. So if total points were 100 with 10 to tournament A, 20 for tournament B and 30 for the Kuksu, then give tournament A and B (10/70)*30 = 4 and (20/70)*30 = 8. But let’s just see if some infos comes up on wether the touney takes place or not.


For now I’ll make the Myeongin 14 10 6 3
Caltex 14 10 6 3
Maxim 14 10 6 3
KBS 12 8 4 2

This should help balance it for now. it appears not to have been played in 2016 either, so that’s probably my bad

#124 so I made a spreadsheet, hopefully the scores are accurate for now! It looks like Korea’s stuff is inflated as opposed to, say, China, but China hasn’t played their major tournaments yet so it will balance out


The spreadsheet’s locked. Can’t access Probably compensate for lack of Kuksu by increasing the rest of the Korean tourneys,

#126 this should fix the problem. I’ll update the spreadsheet again at the beginning of June :slight_smile:


sorry guys I’m totally going to update this soon. Crazy summer so far


I updated it but it didn’t change much. I’ll put the results of the Gosei through when it happens. Not a lot happening in the later stages of tournaments, this summer, it seems.


Also if someone knows a better way to deal with this that doesn’t involve this popping up on the forum every time I update it, that’d probably be a good way not to tick anyone off.


Hi all,

Any news on this project?


Super sorry, busiest semester I’ve ever had, I just started grad school, but I’m still tracking it and noting wins, I just haven’t entered them yet, because it’s kind of a “sit down for a few hours and make sure everything is 100% correct” kind of project. I’ll definitely do it soon. Season should go till about June of 2018 btw.


Also I think you’re going to win, because Iyama is gonna rake in some points all year long…


Agreed. The Korean players basically got him the win (and anyone else that gets any Koreans right). I think some balancing is needed for Korean players (if another is to be made) although I think Yun Junsang was a very unexpected pick that worked out so gratz to him.


Ok, I updated the scoring sheet with all completed tournaments. I haven’t put in any tournaments still in progress, just those that are completed. Hopefully it’s all accurate. I’m satisfied with the balance at the moment. Maybe Koreans are rating sliiiiightly to high, but there are still a few Chinese tournaments that haven’t come in yet. At first I was worried because Park Junghwan seemed so inflated, but he won the MLILY and did well in Korea so I think those points are reasonable for him. Also, Iyama looks really really good but I guess that makes sense, and he’s not getting any international points, which are still mostly up for grabs (I’m looking at you Ke Jie…)


wow, my team in second place. wasn’t expecting that!


Yeah Gu Zihao hooked it up