Fantasy Go League!


No problems with sharing this to other places (share links!). No reason to be selfish and all. It’s a cool concept after all.
It certainly has been fun and it’s interesting to see people having to resort to more unknowns as the options narrow down.

I’ll go with Team “On Ke Jie’s Shoulders”.


if i had picked a second Gu, i could be the Gu Gu Dolls

as it is, i’ll be Lee Lee Land


Also there’s no rule against picking a new name through the season, I’m gonna run mine by a buddy and see if he comes up with anything better, and even if he doesn’t, I might change to “It Takes Tuo To Tango” part way through the season


My team name will be Last Train to Jiseoki


I’ll change mine to “Kang Yootaek Me To The Airport”


That’s awesome


so uh, how do we win? :stuck_out_tongue:


Fantasy Go League! This post had the scoring information


Hey guys, do you know any website with a calendar of go events? It would be nice to put this here to follow how this fantasy league unfolds :wink:


Yes! See (thanks @flowing)

In related news, Fan Yunruo just beat Park Junghwan to take the Nongshim Cup for China. Y’all are going down. :wink:


I think you miss a trailing /

(otherwise I get a ‘Page not found’ and am forwarded to a more general page)


park junghwan loses again? oh dear…


Luckily I don’t think he’s lost in anything that scores points for this league yet.


aw yeah, Ichiriki Ryo gunna be in the NHK final


It’s been a couple months now. @nadoss do you think you could draw up the current standings?


I’ve been checking in on the tournaments and I think the first batch are due to finish during the summer. Any tournaments that were well underway when we did the draft, I chose the following years iteration so that success wasn’t already a foregone conclusion for certain picks (if two Japanese players were in the quarterfinals, you could get points by just picking both of them because one would finish in the points). I’ll check all the tournaments now and see if any are finished or near completion


Most of the international tournaments have gone through their preliminary stages and will be played summer to fall. The first Japanese tournament to go final will be the gosei, in which O Rissei and Ichiriki Ryo will both earn a point, the loser of the match between Motoki and Yamashita will earn 2, and the winner will challenge Iyama for the title. I’ll post those in the spreadsheet when it ends (or maybe when the challenger is completely decided)


Korea worries me because I’m not seeing any information on the Kuksu anymore and that’s worth a large percentage of the Korean points. However the Caltex Cup only has one more game to play between Kim Jiseok and An Kukhyun and the myeongin has not started. The maxim cup is also in the final stages and will be posted when it finishes


Lastly in China, the Changqi and the Longchen will be the first tournaments to finish


Thanks for the quick reply! I was thinking it’s possible to tally points even for those tournaments that haven’t finished, because many points are already settled.

For example, the Longchen:

  • Ke Jie: 4 (final)
  • Li Qincheng: 4 (final)
  • Yang Dingxin: 2
  • Gu Zihao: 2


  • Tan Xiao: 2 (semi)
  • Gu Lingyi: 2 (semi)
  • Jiang Weijie: 2 (semi)
  • Chen Yaoye: 2 (semi)
  • Li Qincheng: 1
  • Gu Li: 1
  • Yang Dingxin: 1
  • Guo Wenchao: 1


  • An Kukhyun: 6 (final)
  • Kim Jiseok: 6 (final)
  • Shin Minjun: 3
  • Heo Yeongho: 3
  • Lee Donghoon: 1
  • An Choyeong: 1
  • Shin Jinseo: 1
  • Yun Junsang: 1


  • Park Junghwan: 5 (final)
  • Yun Junsang: 5 (final)
  • Choi Cheolhan: 2
  • Kim Jiseok: 2


  • Iyama Yuta: 4
  • Motoki Katsuya: 2 (challenger)
  • Yamashita Keigo: 2 (challenger)
  • O Rissei: 1
  • Ichiriki Ryo: 1

And etc.