Fantasy Go League!


Are you sure this guy exists? If it’s Ichiriki Ryo, he’s been taken.


My bad, couldn’t read properly my wishlist sheet ;). I pick Yuki Satoshi then.


I definitely would have taken Ichiriki like 3 rounds ago if he was still in the mix… JONAS… haha

Mao Ruilong please and thank you


onishi ryuhei (japan)


I close Japan with Ida Atsushi. @Jonasd


oh boy my last two, gotta take a few hours to research



last japan spot: Imamura Toshiya
and wild card: from korea, Shin Minjun


Shin Minjun is already taken, mark, please hold up a moment while Jonas changes that pick


oops, saw that he beat ke jie and got excited

i pick Jin Siyoung instead


My wildcard is Tong Mengcheng. And that’s a wrap for me! @Virtuitous


kim myunghoon (korea)

gla :alien:


An Joyeong (lots of different romanizations on this one…)


Last pick: Zhou Junxun


As is tradition with fantasy sports, everyone gets to name their teams too, so please send me your team names and I’ll put them on the google doc!

As is also tradition, names that are puns on your players’ names are appreciated. For example, I think I’m going to reference the James Bond classic “Toramaru Never Dies”


“Urban Contemporary” in honor of Beyoncé’s snub at the Grammys. Also because my picks are all yuppies.


Korea Choi Cheolhan

Team 'Ol School


Choi Cheolhan is definitely taken already

He was #10 overall


Norimoto Yoda


Kang Yoo Taek


Ok there’s the draft everyone!!! It was a ton of fun, I’ll try to find a good way to display points scored on the google doc so it’s easy to follow without much difficulty (speaking of which I just updated the NHK Brackets :slight_smile: )

Let me know what you want to name your teams, you can do anything you want, but naturally names that are puns on one of your players’ names are the best.

Also if no one minds I’m going to post the complete draft on like lifeon19x19 and facebook or something so players can enjoy the format and see the results (and maybe participate in their own version in the future!)