Fantasy Go League!


Gu Zihau (final china space)
Hsu Chiayuan (japan)

thanks for that document nadoss, was losing track of who picked what

@mark5000 back to you!


May as well round out Korea with Na Hyun. @Virtuitous


xu jiaxiang (china)
edit for typo; xu jiayang


so just to be sure my final pick is a wildcard and can be from any country?


Yes, you can even pick that guy with your next pick, if you want (for example, you don’t have 3 players from Japan but you could pick a 4th from Korea with your 9th round and then your 3rd from japan with your 10th round. Not that it matters to you in particular, because those two picks come at the same time.

I’ll take Hong Seongji


I pick Cho Chikun because why not


You guys sure like using the Chinese names of chinese players in Japan to potentially mess up with China lol. Just use Kyo Kagen and Yo Seiki lol.


Yoo Changhyuk Korea



I was just using the way they pop up on to avoid confusion :slight_smile:


Yang DingXin

Shin Minjun


@nadoss ah I see!


Those players are of Taiwanese origin so that’s why a site might use the Chinese names over Japanese.

EDIT: Yeah, is really inconsistent namewise. There’s even variation within nationalities. For example, it translates Korean “안” variously as “An” (eg., “An Sungjoon”) or “Ahn” (eg., “Ahn Kukhyun”), 성 as “eo” (eg., “sEOngjin”) or “u” (eg., sUngjoon"), and 준 as “oo” (eg., “sungjOOn”) or “u” (eg., “minjUn”). It’s pretty confused.


Still inconsistent though. Even on goratings they seem to have an arbitrary set of rules for naming.

Eg. Cho U is left as Cho U probably because they felt it was more popular over Zhang Xu.

Well I guess we can be consistent in their inconsistency if we follow them to the tee.

P.S. I have no problems with it but just to point out that that reasoning (for goratings at least) is flawed.


Japan Watanabe Yuu




In fairness I’d probably rather use whatever naming convention igokisen uses because that’s where I’m going to check the touranment standings


Worth noting, btw, that that was your fourth and final Chinese Player, (in the utility spot) so your last pick needs to be a Korean player.


@nadoss me?


nah, hiyruu, your last pick can be anyone, you’ve got 3 of each


Yup. I’m. aware. Thanks for the heads up!

@mark5000 Didn’t check but am not surprised. Korean names have the most variation in romanization. Good eye!


I pick Ichiro Ryo from Japan