Fantasy Go League!


Chinese Piao Wenyao




Huang Yunsong

Murakawa Daisuke


Michael Redmond



Tang Weixing


I guess I’ll grab Dang Yifei :slight_smile:


ko iso (japan)


My fifth choice is Motoki Katsuya @Jonasd


Fan Tingyu (china)
Lee Yeongkyu (korea)



My sixth choice is Fan Yunruo @Virtuitous


byun sangil (korea)


I’ll have Yu Zhengqi


I pick Cho Hanseung


(korea) Lee Changho



Hane Naoki

Kang Dongyun


@nadoss I hope you’re keeping track of the number of players per country per person. Would be a pain to have to backtrack later if someone exceeds. Thank you for your hard work!


Qiu Jun Chinese



Yun Junsang


I’ll take Shibano Toramaru and here is the googledoc form of this. The players are separated by country (first three China, then Korea, then Japan) If you have anyone in the final spot (utility, any country you want) that means you already have the max from one country and must fill in remaining spots. No one currently has more than 3 from a country. I will alert someone if they go over three from a country so they’ll know to fill in all remaining spots.


shida tatsuya (japan)


My seventh choice is An Sungjoon. @Jonasd