Feature possibility: "starred" games for long-term observation

There was an interesting thread that came up in the Teaching League forums where a player was asking for a correspondence game where both players heavily use the Malkovich log. I took a look at it and was very interested to read through it, and because it is a correspondence game I will want to come back to it later when they are further along. But since I am an observer, there’s not a generalized, quick way for me to find the game again.

If there is no way to mark/star/put-on-a-watchlist the correspondence games that a player would like to observe and come back to, I would highly recommend this feature.

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Yep it’s on the todo list :smile:

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Maybe we should have a pinned thread for juicy Malkovich games, with currently running and finished games lists.

That’d be fun, and immediately realistic which is always nice! :slight_smile: Someday I’d love to have a list of games that have a good malk log going… but i see that as being a little ways down the list still…