Feature request: add game history one-line annotations

Trying to be systematic about my playing - it would be helpful to add short notes next to games I played in the “Game History” panel in my player profile. (in the spirit of “Feature Request: add user annotations” - I tried searching in the forum if this had been suggested before but this is the closest I could find)

I often forget what my playing style or what I was exploring in a given month. It would be great if I could add (private) annotations for a game, to be shown as an extra column in the game history (or as an icon with a tooltip) so it would be easier to remind myself of what I did in that game or whatever I want to remember from it. (Similarly to the “Tag” function in the KGS archives) So that I could see that in some games I meant exploring Ko, or Capturing race, or Unorthodox opening… you get the idea.

Currently in the table Game History in a player profile the following columns are displayed: Date / Size / Name / Black player / White player / Result.
“Name” is understandably added to the list but it often adds zero information.
Regardless, ideally this icon/column could be displayed after Name, or before Result.


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