Feature request: add user annotations

I meet a lot of people on OGS, but I often forget my experiences with specific players. It would be great if I could add (private) annotations for a user, so it would be easier to remind myself of whether I like to play against them. (A small text box on the profile is all it would take.)


That’s a cool idea :slight_smile:


Yeah, I figure it would improve the social interaction. You can even show a tooltip with the annotation on hover over the username, so one could get quick reminders.

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Since people can change their user-names at will this could be extra helpful!

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Now that you can search any player’s game history for a specific opponent (great feature by the way, thanks OGS team!) I usually just search for my own username and view all of the games played against me. This usually tells me everything I need to know.

That’s helpful indeed, but not nearly as efficient as a one sentence note I could leave for myself. Plus I’m not suggesting to remove history search, just to add a simple improvement to the social aspect of the site.