[Feature request] Commend opponent

Hi, I often play with nice people, and would really like to have the ablility to recommend them. The only other way of showing gratitude is befriending them, but that does not work that well as I often never play/speak with them after that. Maybe it should be “scalable commendation” with some kind of currency system, so that it does not become a custom to commend every one. I understand that sometimes there is a language barriere, but the games where I get “hi” and “gg”, and sometime even post game shared analysis are much more enjoyable than those AI like silent games. Another reason why one could not recommend another player is their down time - this is also annoying, when you don’t know whether you should start another game, or wait 5 minutes till you get a joyless win.

In my mind, there should be a way of showing fondness towards the opponent post-game.
This will likely generate geographical affiliations, but I don’t think that is a bad thing.

Going further, maybe we could accept games given some parameters - the level difference (w/o showing whether we are the weaker or the stronger player, ofc), the geographical location of the opponent, and his “rating”. But these are further down the line.

Reasoning that the language barrier is not a serious concern:
We don’t expect to hear poems, I don’t even expect them to be fluent in humorous chit-chat.
Simple English is not that hard - I am not a native speaker either, but simple interaction leads to a much more human-to-human type of interaction.


Not a bad idea- I think tygem has something like this called a “manner badge”

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I think the issue is that once it’s implemented and becomes meta in a sense, then it can be exploited in some way.

For instance if you look at how people feel about the “recently timed out of a game tag” "has recently timed out of a game" -- uh .. does years ago count?, it’s clear some people don’t like being labelled, especially if labelled incorrectly. Some people accepting correspondence games probably do look at profiles to see who they’re playing and whether this person is likely to timeout out by checking the label.

One can imagine a similar thing, that you might look at an opponents ‘manner’ label/points/badges to decide whether you want to accept a game with them. The exploit I’m imagining is that if there’s an option to upvote, there’s possibly one to downvote, meaning that even if they were friendly you might just downvote them because you’re annoyed, lost the game maybe, or even if you won but didn’t enjoy the game, the opponents style/opening etc.

Maybe then you don’t give the option to downvote, but you can just as well view a lack of upvotes relative to the number of games played as a similar indicator to downvotes (why didn’t more people upvote this player?)

It’s just something to keep in mind when introducing a new feature like this.

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Think Timed out in previous game would be a better tag. Recently is misleading if your last game was 2 years ago. :grin:

BTW: some people refer to Timed out in a game recently as a badge of shame.
It does however refer to a fact, so why this emotionally loaded description?

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I’m sure it shouldn’t be a badge of shame, as I’m sure a good manners badge also shouldn’t be a bad thing.

It’s just that if some sizeable fraction of the community decide to use or interpret the feature in a certain way, how do you deal with it?

Similarly if the timeout tag appearing on your profile wasn’t a potential issue why would people want to get rid of it, if it would be overlooked anyway.

You get such a tag as a consequence of your own behaviour.
Everyone is responsible for his own behaviour and also the consequences of that behaviour.
Not wanting to suffer the consequences of your behaviour doesn’t seem right to me.

I am not going to deal with that. Everyone is free to use it in the way they want. I just dont agree with it :grin:

I feel like we’re having different conversations.

In any case, the suggestion is interesting

But then I think this is more or less the issue I was pointing out

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I think that an interesting reward is if you could gather some goodwill points and “gift” someone a free AI analysis. That not only gives incentives to people to treat each other better, but it also gives a preview to non-subscribers of the main selling point on having a subscription in OGS :slight_smile:

Who need AI review I want a sparkling username effect so I can enjoy looking down on peasants from my ethical summit :stuck_out_tongue:

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Long story short: because of timeout cheaters who did timeout many games at once to avoid rank drops.

You can find plenty of messages about that in the forum, discussing whether it was a real issue or not and all the consequences.

The badge had (has?) an hidden meaning of “this person could be a timeout cheater”

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Innocent until proven guilty?

That or I’ve also seen other people express that they don’t want to spent months playing that just ends in timeout whether accidental or intentional.

In any case this discussion probably belongs more in the other thread on timouts :slight_smile:


You know where I live we have social points system which you can lose if you don’t cross the street in the white lines…
The world is not always going in the direction l like, even OGS.