[Feature Request] [Rengo] Changing the order of players

We often use the rengo feature to play pair go tournaments. There it’s important to observe the order of players. Women must play the first moves, men go second on each pair.

However, in OGS it’s not possible to do this. It chooses the order it wants and there’s no way to change it. I’ve found that OGS always chooses the same order when pairing the same 2 players, so I’ve worked around this problem by creating a new account that goes second when paired with my usual partner. I think the oldest accounts go first but haven’t really tested it.

My request is basically to let us change the order of players when creating a rengo game.




Somewhere deep in the code I know that there is a comment that I wrote (was it 1 or two years ago now?) … that says

“This results in a random order of play. At some point they’re going to ask for choosing the order of play: that’s harder, worry about that at that time” :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I’m really happy to hear that someone is using rengo somewhat seriously, enough to care about this for a solid reason: I’ll take a look as soon as I have a chance. There are a couple of urgent fixes in the queue before this… by all means remind me if I seem to have forgotten this in a month or so’s time.


I’m taking a look at this now.

I think it will be:

  • When a new player signs up for a rengo challenge:

    • They will be added to the smallest team (which is what is supposed to happen now as well)
    • They will join as “the last person in the team”
  • The organiser will be able to re-order players at any time

  • The team will be ordered in the game in the order it showed in the challenge when the game starts
    (instead of randomly, as now)

This means that if you are an organiser who cares about the final order, you don’t want “auto-start”

Does this sound “about right” ? @𓁿𓊳𓀁


@ 𓁿𓊳𓀁 this is in now:

Let us know how your tournaments go :slight_smile:

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I’ll be sure to try it.

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