Feature request: See W/L statistics by colors played

A feature I thought would be nice is the ability to see how much games I won as black/white. Maybe adding it to the wheel in the User page as a filter option not to mess with the UI too much?

First time posting, I hope this was in good taste (:

Welcome to the forums @Sound

thanks to Chinitsu there is an external website dedicated to providing lots of interesting data, which might have exactly what you were looking for: Got Stats?


Wow, that is an awesome site!
It would be nice to slice the data by time (e.g., the last year or so). Is there a way to contact Chinitsu on this topic? I saw that the support thread linked on the site (G0tstats is back! (with more stats) - #244 by trohde) is quite old (Jan 19); should I just p.m. him or is there a better way?

Thanks for the quick reply!

EDIT: Never mind, I completly missed the filter option. Silly me.


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