Feature Request : Selectively unpause games during a vacation


I’ve noticed that at times it may be helpful to unpause specific games during an OGS vacation, such as an option to ‘keep clock running during vacation’.

– for example when vacation mode is necessary for the greater part of one’s correspondence games, but one wishes to not pause in specific tournaments or allow them to progress.

I am not sure how often this feature would be used, but it may helpful to others who wish not to delay particular games or tournaments’ speed, and utilise vacation mode during a busy time yet can continue to play some games, but with less ability to play in all ongoing games.


You can play moves while on vacation, so if I understand you correctly this may be a non-issue?


Some tournaments require not to use vacation, like those in the fast correspondence group. Any participant who uses vacation is disqualified.


Yes, and in one tournament recently, my opponent was not available and didn’t play in the round, yet I couldn’t un-vacation mode due to my other games in progress, so the timeout on move 1 and next round was delayed by perhaps 2 weeks as a result.

It would have been nice to be able to unpause that game.

(another player mentioned it to me, and although vacations are allowed in the tournament, I would have liked to be able to help :slight_smile: )

Interestingly, if we had this feature, we could give tournaments an actual “no vacation” feature, and it would be able to “activate” this for games in that tournament automatically…


:open_mouth: I hadn’t thought of that… That would be very cool!

I so need to get back to looking at Tournaments :laughing:


If the clock keeps ticking down though, wouldn’t it be prioritized in your games list? So if you have several going, you wouldn’t have to click through all of them to get to the active games

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If vacation pausing means that you can pause a game whenever you wish, I don’t think the vacation feature is fair. It seems like a way to lengthen the time you have available, circumventing the clock. Myself, I prefer to play without time pressure; but I certainly understand how much fun it must be to be rewarded for your depth and quickness of thinking, and your experience and intuition.

Either I don’t understand what you are saying or you don’t understand what the OP was saying (in the same way I did). They asked for vacation UNpausing.

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Yep, you’re right. I’m still opposed to vacation.

You do know vacation is only for correspondence games, not live? And each player has a limited amount of it per year (site supporters get more as one of the perks of being supporters).

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I’m only doing correspondence games now, due to being busy. I have 30 days of vacation time to extend games that either have a 21 day limit or a 16 hour limit. Especially for the latter, it isn’t reasonable. The only way I will agree that vacation is reasonable is if there are NO games in progress whenever you take vacation time.

What would be the purpose of vacation then?


Sure, going on vacation in a 16 hour correspondence game is against the spirit of that time limit. Hence why fast correspondence tournaments often say no vacations as a condition of entry. A benefit of this unpause vacation proposal is it potentially offers a way for that no vacation request to not just be a request in text but actually enforced through features of the site. But consider titled tournaments where games last 6 to 9 months, and with 3 rounds and a title match 2 or 3 years in total. If I want to play in those without forefeiting am I supposed to not go on vacation for 3 years?


None that I can see. Let’s eliminate vacation. I think no one else has it and it appears to be unfair. If there is some reason for it, require that no games be in progress for vacation to be taken.

Well, I wouldn’t be playing on any site without some vacation mechanism, because the type of games I enter often last multiple months and I can’t predict my avalability reliably over such time scales. Not sure if that counts as a purpose.


Is David trolling?


Read my post directly above this.

Wrong, it’s a standard feature of correspondence servers: