Feature Request - Stone Images

Sceenshots of draft re-laid-out theme picker here:




Not sure if I am doing something wrong, but when selecting the input field for the Goban color, I toggle to the hex code input and it will not let me ctrl+v but I can type in the hex manually.

Unless you’re talking about some new thing that I haven’t seen, it just uses a standard HTML color picker, so that’s up to your browser.

In this video I show that I have the hex code in my clipboard but when I paste it is empty.

Here is a showcase of what will be possible. Granted my artistic skills are terrible so I’m sure others will come up with a lot better designs.


Here is the relevant bug report if you are on a Chrome-based browser:


Reported about 4 years ago but looks like there’s some new hope of it getting fixed lately.

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@GreenAsJade, what absolute size (pixels x pixels) and resolution do you suggest for custom stone images?


Actually … could even be enlargened Emoji, no?

Me always this: :japanese_goblin:
My opponents always this: :clown_face:



The evil clowns went on to wipe me out.

I’m not sure what resolution makes sense - I think “the lowest that looks OK” is economical, but whether it actually makes a squidgy of difference I’m not sure: it’s your browser that will download it and scale it, so it’s only your CPU and memory that will be chugged by them being too big :slight_smile:


Using this week’s featured theme on OGS

I mean…

I think this should be the default OGS skin :thinking:


Does the background rotate?

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As it happens, moving gifs do work for the background - even in OGS Production right now.


Man, you are risking a lot. I mean, I have recommended your youtube channel in the past. But after seeing this … :face_with_peeking_eye:


This is still being worked on right?


Yes, have patience my son :sweat_smile:

If “some people” hadn’t been so keen to have boring things like “Jigo support” and “good beginner experience” this much more important feature would be out sooner :rofl:

All joking aside, it’s on Beta now: go your hardest, see if you can break it, take some tempting screenshots.

We’re just fine-tuning some layout hassles before it goes live.


I have NO idea who would dare >.>;;;;;;;;

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I can’t figure out how to use it. I toggled the customize and I filled out all the urls. But nothing is happening. I refreshed the page. Also the toggle is turning off on refresh.

OH! I had to click them. My bad

Bug: I changed the last move circle colors but I have to click the stone again to apply it.

I think you might find that it’s actually applied, but any action would cause a re-render to show you?

That said, you can’t actually change the “last move circle colour”, you have the choice of “background colour” and “line colour”. From these, the other marks (such as last move circle colour) are “mysteriously derived”. :sweat_smile: By which I mean “hmm - I wonder how that works actually?” :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

So play around a bit more and let me know if there’s something that absolutely is not working properly, I’m still doing minor tweaks (like making it a little clearer which theme is currently selected).

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