Features everyone secretly wants on OGS but will never be implemented

Was it mentioned, paid AI assistance in game? :smile:


Or a game option that allows each player a number of AI suggestions to be used during the game. Only for unranked games, of course.

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Conditional board backgrounds. Just imagine this image popping up when your opponent plays at a vital point.



Does anyone have ideas for 9+ stone handicap formations?

If you do then post them in Handicap Hub (or, indeed, a new thread).

There’s some evidence for prior use of certain formations on Sensei’s Library and in other places. I was discussing them in the Free Placement of Handicap Stones thread as well.

Make it an option to disable vacation for specific games and tournaments. Like the disable analysis checkbox.


Bulk download of my game archive, so I have a copy of all the detailed reviews I made on OGS in case the server disappeared, and to enable pattern searching for memorable positions.

Not really a secret as there’s a feature request thread for it, but over 7 years ago so I’m not pinning my hopes on it happening.


There exists this GitHub - JaniM/ogs-fetch: Fetches SGF records for players from OGS.


Off Topic channel should be renamed to “Tenuki”


Minimum time setting per move (Ex. 30s) where the move isn’t submitted until the “minimum move time” has expired. The move could be changed before the minimum move time has expired without sending an undo request. Perhaps the game clock could only start running after the “minimum move time” had expired (everybody gets a free 30s per move).


Why’d you delete that comment? Seemed helpful to me.

(guilty confession: I read the deleted comments)

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Whoops, this shouldn’t be in this thread :wink: mods can already see full edit history during stone removal phase :grin: was such a great addition

ok but I want it in the chat record :wink:

I guess because the suggestion from @MrEntropy is quite different from Bronstein timing:

In Bronstein timing you can move how quickly you want, but if you move fast enough you will not lose any time at all.

In the @MrEntropy suggestion, if you clicked a move after 5 seconds, it wouldn’t be submitted until the full 30 seconds has passed.

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Trust me, you don’t :rofl: not in its current form anyway… It gets monstrously long for some games :anguished:

Option to have an animated hand place stones on the board after a move is made.


I could stand that if there are a few hundreds different animations

Delete the score estimator feature, or at least disable it until a player is 10k+. It causes more problems than it solves with beginners learning to score the game.

Delete all AI input in scoring phase. Use basic suggestion of territories and dead stones like other servers and players can then make manual adjustment if wanted.


Ah, I didn’t read Entropy’s post properly, thanks.

It’d be cool to have a display mode where the stones don’t line up exactly, instead jostling around a bit like on a real board.

I saw Gooplet using an option like that on, I think, Sabaki.


And don’t forget to add gacha waifu avatars