Features everyone secretly wants on OGS but will never be implemented

Inb4 2k and 2d arguing over best sequence to recommend during a 20k review


Sounds a lot like the “quick&review” tournaments ogs once had, maybe its good time to bring that format back to life ;))


What was that ? Sounds interesting.

Xhu and mlopez used to run short 3-round tournaments on ‘Go Basics’ group and then review some of the games together with all the players. I thought it was great fun and those also helped me to getting to sdk so quickly ^^


Probably a feature that only a handful would use.

Any possibility of accepting bitcoin to support the site?

Send some BTC/sats via lightning to a LNURL address instantly, with an additional message of the OGS account name. A bit like a PayPal address.

All that’s required is an app on a mobile such as wallet of satoshi.

Might raise enough to buy an amazon gift voucher for a new hard drive.

Just an idea…


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I wish the live and blitz distinction would just get erased altogether!

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It’s an important distinction for moderators, because people who have agreed to blitz have implicitly agreed that timeout at any point is OK.

In “live”, timeout can be a sign of abandonment/escape, which is frowned on.

Yeah I mean I think there’s other (better?) signals moderators could look at for escapees (e.g. time since last move). But i see your point, and there’s a reason I posted it in this thread and not somewhere else!


I think you can legitimately lose by timeout in the last byo yomi of a live game.
Similarly you can leave a blitz game for minutes to time out.

I like a lot benjito’s idea to better highlight / draw attention to the time taken for the last move rather than depending on the very grey timing category the game is designated under.

Right now it’s really easy to see the game category but we have to dig a little bit to see last move time. It would be neat if last move time was as easy to see at a glance as game category is.


I’m thinking about “how does game category quantitatively affect a decision”.

I definitely arrive at an escape and go “Ah, blitz, probably not worth worrying about, I will let the reporter know that timeout is expected in blitz”.

This possibly lets some escapes go, but it’s not actually that simple - the AI graph is sitting there, as is the board, and if it’s an obvious “I lost I escape”, and a longish blitz then I will pursue it.

So there isn’t a “single number rule”, it’s more of an “approach is determined by the game type” for me…

… maybe this is one of those many cases we could do with stanardising :smiley:

And we could do with having the “Final Move” timing more readily available to moderators, for sure.


We should be careful. This talk seems plausible… it might be OT for the thread :sweat_smile:


Ooops! I blame @benjito :smiley:


I want a feature where I can charge up a move so that it is played more forcefully, i.e. plays a louder sound and maybe an animation.


I’d never understand the mentality of playing one opening move over another because it’s a few points better according to AI.

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Unconditional moves, no matter where my opponent plays, play here next, I really want this.


Like the ヒカルの碁 GBA game?

This will never be made probably because only a fraction of OGS players play rengo, but nowadays I’m kinda missing a feature that would show by vanilla and rengo games separately on my home page.


Note this is a front end thing (open source), and doesn’t seem too hairy. If you find an interested web dev with some free time, this could probably happen :slightly_smiling_face:

FWIW I think it’s a solid idea (but I am lacking on the free time :smiling_face_with_tear:)


I suppose Allow undo request on your move now sadly belongs here.

Nah, it’s no secret :smiley: :smiley: