Feedback on Adverts

I value OGS and I’m happy to contribute. Recently I cut back on my site usage and temporarily revoked my subscription. As such, recently I’ve been seeing the adverts on the site again.

It’s been interesting. And not in a good way.

I agree with the use of adverts to generate revenue and incentivise becoming a site-supporter. I also think some adverts aren’t appropriate and that OGS should take this seriously.

Here’s an example:

Two things I don’t associate OGS with:

:white_check_mark: Gambling sites
:white_check_mark: Swearing or cursing

I appreciate that you probably use a 3rd-party service to manage the adverts shown on the site. Do they have any parental filtering options or give you any control over what they show? If not, have you considered using a different advertising service?

Maybe I’m over-excited. Is this no big deal?


i believe you are right about this… but then again, if you ask me, gambling ads (and/or sponsorships) are really out of place most anywhere, especially where an industry supposedly promoting fair competition is involved :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

i guess the problem is, that these companies are simply the ones most interested in advertising here, since gambling is huge in asia. but if the ad can be replaced that would be a good thing to do :slight_smile:.

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Lolz swearingz just words and ideas

MY feedback on adverts is negative.

I understand that website cost money but, I think that game-page must be whitout adverts.
For me, all pages can host adverts except the game-page. Advert distract people.

(Excuse my bad english)


The ad bar makes the board smaller and unplayable on smart phone


Makes it completely unusable on smartphone due to tiny board on analysis mode. Totally ruins site for me.
Hopefully this is a glitch and you guys will fix it soon, otherwise I will time out on my games when my vacation runs out, which would be totally gutting as I’d be kicked from the ladders and it’s taken me AGES to work my way back up to the top zones (the way to get good games with strong opponents).
If it’s not a glitch but a strategy to make people pay up then I will be quite sad as I love ogs…

Oh, that was fast. I must say I hate it even more than I expected. That’s adblock back on for me. Sorry

EDIT: Oh, you can turn it off in the settings. So it’s adblock back off for now. But I REALLY REALLY think it is a WRONG IDEA. And even though I said that like seven times already I still urge devs to reconsider.


So I’d posted this before the adverts were added to the game page etc. My intention was to highlight the potential for low quality or inappropriate adverts.

I must say, I never expected OGS to actually put adverts on the game page. Let alone to do it less than 24 hours after opening a poll on the subject matter!

Well, it’s a funny old world, eh?

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The board is now too tiny…I can not see to play…flashing ad instead of Go is horrible.

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What can we do to return OGS to a good place to play. My eyes are killing me

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My eyes hurt…board is so tiny OGS is ruined.

If you look in the settings you can disable the adverts on the game page.

Seems silly, I know, but if you toggle that setting then at least the game interface is ok. The home page is still rendered, well, silly. But hopefully they’ll figure that out over the next few days.


Personally, I DON’T mind the ad, but I DO MIND the fact that it made the board smaller.

Also, for me the stamp size problem doesn’t occur in analyze mode, but rather it occurs in the plan conditional move.

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