Fix Conditional Moves!

This has been unaddressed as early as 2014 ffs (Accidental moves made while attempting to make conditional moves). I have lost multiple won games because of this horrible feature. The feature in contention is that conditional moves turns off when the opponent makes his move, meaning if you were mid-click while placing a conditional move, congratulations you just played yourself and made that move in the real game that likely screwed it all.

At this point any unconditional move made in a live game is a gamble.


IMO conditionals are mostly for correspondence games. In normal speed games they are kind of a weird feature that makes the game different from “real life”.



But are you sure this can’t happen in a correspondance game?


Correspondence games have a submit button by default. This prevents this type of misclick. Of course you can change it to single-click, but not sure why you’d do that.

OP could probably turn on the submit button if they are super keen on using conditional moves during live games.


Probably what would be wanted for live games is a sort of pre move as opposed to planning a whole conditional game tree.

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The easiest fix will be to disable conditional moves for live games :wink:

After all, you can’t conditionally place stones in a live FTF game :stuck_out_tongue:


But although being considered a bit rude you can move a stone in your fingers around some spots on the goban. Even in the tradition if i remember well you put your stone not directly on the spot but you slide it from another spot. Things from FTF that we can’t enjoy online, so conditional moves may be a compensation from that loss?

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You can’t pre-move in face to face chess either, but it’s a staple of online chess, particularly rapid and blitz games online. The standard is just playing the next move no matter what. For Go maybe it’s to retake a ko, or to play to capture some stones assuming the opponent doesn’t save them etc.

There might be some moves you play as long as they’re legal when it’s your turn to move I guess is the idea, and then it submits in milliseconds and you save or gain time.


Using submit will contradict the gain of time like explained by @shinuito


Now I’m trying to guess how much time you can win like this, assuming you use it often (100 moves seems a lot) and gaining a few secs (2?)

So, that would be like 3mns in total? Is that mostly interesting in blitz then?

I would fear myself to lose much focus (i stopped quickly to scribe my FTF games for example for this reason.) for a 3mn benefit but yes for blitz i understand, with some training. Each time there is a doubt or worse a wrong anticipation, those 3mn should vanish quickly.

Please share to us your own experience.

Oh yeah, I would think it’s mostly interesting in blitz.

In Fischer or byo yomi, it’s probably convenient to use it to keep time pressure on the opponent. You could try to keep the last of your main time in byo-yomi or gain a certain amount of time in a ko say in Fischer.

I would say if you were playing like 1s increment Fischer or absolute time then it would be even more important :slight_smile:

I’m not saying I would be able to use it :slight_smile: I don’t think I can play bullet chess or anything, but I can imagine people that can will find it useful.


TBH I have used it in “live”, in the occasional instances where I play live, when I get bored waiting for my opponent to reply :smiley:

I think it’s also a psychological weapon: there is little doubt that it’s off-putting to have the reply land immediately that you play your stone. It starts in motion a line of thinking like “hah, if he’s going to guess what I’m playing maybe I’ll play something else”, which is ridiculous, but … off-putting.

We should fix it up as the OP said.


Could also happen in correspondence games when they’re getting played semilive (it’s correspondence, but both players are sending moves to eachother at a live pace, possibly not even leaving the game page). You might figure your opponent isn’t playing semilive anymore, start adding some conditional moves, and then get surprised when they play a move either because they were thinking about it for a while, or just stepped away for a few minutes


Thank u. I disable it and dont use it in general but some people just play way too slow and I already know all the moves im going to play so… why not? Particularly the sente ones. Yes i do also get the satisfaction seeing them stumped when i answer move after move instantly and see them stumped for a bit. Hehe

I only use it (against better judgement) when the opponent leaves it enabled on anything longer than blitz settings, otherwise i dont use it either. To not use the feature is as good as saying it’s unusable outside correspondence and avoiding the issue, for more than a decade. :confused:


For correspondance I don’t mind but in live i find it a bit disturbing, so I’m not in favor for it. I can still understand some players like this feature.

I play analysis disabled, but if I didn’t I’d want this quality of life improvement for conditional moves