Fixed, fingers crossed - was: OGS joseki slooooow

What happened with the OGS joseki. It has become extremely slooooow.

There was some recent updates to it that went to beta a while ago

I had meant to have a look at it to test it out but maybe that could be it?

One thing I’ve noticed that this new “See also” feature seems like it just nearly references almost every other joseki position

Like even at this point, it seems like there’s about 19000 things in the list (at least counting the children of the div that contains them)

So maybe something about that is slowing the whole thing down. It does seem like if you click a few of the “see also”'s in a row the page loading grinds to a halt.

Thanks for letting me know - sounds like a bug for sure.

Yeah definitely a bug: See Also should only list identical positions (by reflection/rotation).

I’m on it.


I’m not seeing this on Beta .

If anyone has a chance to poke around on Beta and provoke this to happen or spot a difference that’d be handy.

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Oh it also feels much faster on beta too.

I’ll keep poking around a little bit, though I should go to sleep.

Oh ok so this is kind of replacing or supplementing what was being done manually before, where if a variation already exists we try to cross reference it so as not to duplicate the sequences in different move orders.

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Is the entire comments/filter/changes block missing on the main site in Explore mode?

Edit: oh it’s there it’s just out of the screen on the main site, I can see it deleting the see also block - just checking my main site settings on the filters.

Edit2: there’s some player cache failed error in the console, but that’s on both sites, but the issue is on both sites, so hard to say if that’s necessarily related.

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I’m hoping we’ve figured out the breakage, in which case it should be fixed soon.

Let’s figure out the new error you found, if it persists, after the fix is in.

Fix is done… let us know what problems remain :slight_smile:


It works again as it used to, thanks.