Four Seasons Tournament Series Announcements

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The third game season traditionally starts in our group 1 September 2016. Registration for the first event of the new season will be opened tomorrow, and now let me talk about what interesting things prepared for the season 2016-2017 for the members of our group.
Firstly, I want to introduce our new administrator - CrimeanTurtle. He is a novice player who conquers the 9x9 board. He will organize tournaments in this board.
At least 24 of the tournament for all tastes await fans of the game on 19x19 board. Alas, the third tournament of the season will be available only to members of our group, but I do not see this as a big problem. You want to play with us - join us.
In the third season, you will find a new, completely revised system of titles. Four titles - Grandmaster, Master, Champion, Warrior - are waiting for their owners.
This is all. Enjoy your game. Stay tuned for our group.


Registration for the first event of the season 2016 - 2017, FSTS Autumn 2016, was opened today.


We begin the registration of participants in the FSTS Grandmaster 2016 - 2017. This is the main and most prestigious title in the system of titles of our group. The competition will be difficult. The winner will be immortalized on our group page.


Itโ€™s time for our group to compete for another title. Each round of the competition for the Champion title could be the last for competing. Only the strongest player reaches the end. The winner will be immortalized on our group page.


I have prepared for you a bit of good news today:

  1. Seasonal tournaments will be held not only at large, but also in medium and small game boards. Registration for tournaments on the boards 9x9 and 13x13 has already begun.
  2. From now on, the winners of all season tournament will be immortalized on the group page.

Registration for the tournament, dedicated to increasing the number of players in our group to 500. In this competition, novice and experienced players will converge almost equal. If you want to become the best of the 500, will have to make every effort and never lose.


I invite everyone to take part in a new tournament on the small board.

FSTS Nines 2016 Swiss #1


Are you ready to compete for another title in our group? For those of you who dare to fight for the title of the Warrior, will have to confront multiple enemies at once in the uncompromising struggle. Are you ready for this?


December is round the corner and I am pleased to inform you that the enrollment of our traditional group tournaments participants is opened.

FSTS Winter 2016 Large Board

FSTS Winter 2016 Medium Board

FSTS Winter 2016 Small Board


New Yearโ€™s holidays is accepted to spend with loved ones. However, there are those among us who will celebrate the holidays alone. I want to invite to take part in a special tournament, open to all those who will be alone in this holiday season.

FSTS Lonely Hearts Open


Itโ€™s time to members of our group to start the competition for the title of Master of the group of the season 2016-2017. The tournament is already waiting for you. Good luck!

FSTS Master 2016 - 2017


Spring is coming. Traditionally, we start the registration for the spring tournaments. The competition will begin March 1, 2017.

FSTS Spring 2017 Large Board

FSTS Spring 2017 Medium Board

FSTS Spring 2017 Small Board


In April 2017, we start the competition for the title of the best in the class. The winner of each tournament will be immortalized on the group page.

FSTS Best In A-class 2016-2017

FSTS Best In B-class 2016-2017

FSTS Best In C-class 2016-2017

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Inviting all members of the group to take part in the tournament in honor of the FSTS founder.

FSTS MonkeyGO Olympics 2017


I am pleased to announce that the number of participants in our group has exceeded 600 players. In honor of this significant event, a traditional tournament is launched. I invite you to participate in it. Welcome!

FSTS Best Of 600


Our traditional summer tournaments are already waiting for the participants!

FSTS Summer 2017 Small Board

FSTS Summer 2017 Medium Board

FSTS Summer 2017 Large Board


In June 2017 we begin a series of monthly open tournaments for all players. Welcome!

FSTS Knockouts Open June 2017


In July 2017 we continue a series of monthly open tournaments for all players. Welcome!

FSTS Knockouts Open July 2017


The August tournament of the FSTS Knockouts Open series will be the last competition open to all players of OGS. In the future, only members of our group will be able to participate in the tournaments of this series. So do not hesitate and join FSTS!

FSTS Knockouts Open August 2017