Fun Tsumego with a twist ;)

Here is a fun little puzzle! Some may know it, but i still wanted to share it :smile:. As a small hint i ll say, that there is a trick (EDIT: all perfectly normal go though) to it.

Try your best:


I don’t get it: if black moves first, white’s dead. If white moves first he’s alive.
Obviously I miss something.

<<BTW, I don’t speak english so well, could you explain to me why you say “her” for white?>>

For a normal tsumego you would be right of course, but the task here is a little different. You dont have to simply play a move for black or white, instead you have to find out what move white played last, then you take that move back (like an “undo”) and play another move so white can live.
Is that clearer?

P.S.: I called white “her” because i chose to :slight_smile:. thats all.

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Eazy :smiley: I don’t want to spoil to much, but I guess it is fair to say that this is not the first time B helped W in this corner.

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On the topic of “her”, it is actually somewhat customary to refer to white as “her” in Go commentary where the actual gender is not known.

It’s not a linguistic thing: there’s nothing in English that tells you white should be “her”. This custom is specific to Go, as far as I know.


ohhhh, toook me like 10 minutes to get what you want me to do :smiley: but you were right, it is a fun puzzle :slight_smile:

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I guess you are right about that xD

Sorry… i guess i explained badly. On the other hand you got to do 2 “reading” problems at the price of 1 :rofl:.

I don’t think you explained it badly… I hated this problem the first time I saw it for this very reason… the only element of difficulty it possesses is imperfect information in a scenario when you would always know what the last move was and not need to figure it out.

I get what you mean. its a trick problem, so naturally i wont tell the trick before people have tried to solve it :slight_smile:. However i dont agree that the information is imperfect. The problem can be solved with the information at hand and it has only a single solution.

I guess what irks me is that it’s more of a pure logic puzzle than really a go puzzle :stuck_out_tongue:

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Nah, I don’t think you did. I think what confused me was the fact that online we automaticall get the tree and I was unsure what the situation is since black is marked as the last move, but the description seems to say white played last and thus I was unsure what I am supposed to take back. I think on a real board it would be much clearer:

You came in the room, this is the board position. You don’t know how it came to be. White played last. He could have lived with the last move, but he screwed it up. Figure out what happened…

And the other thing is that you all kept calling it a “trick”. I wouldn’t call that a trick. Yeah, there is a certain thought process behind it, but there is no “trick” it is all perfectly normal go. I just kept thinking there is some joke or a catch or something… For a minute there I was convinced that if I alternate the right sequence some sort of obscene picture will form on the board or something like that and that’s the trick :smiley: Yeah, I am retarded.


Ok, thanks. My poor english strikes again. :slight_smile:
I didn’t understand “takes back her last move”. It’s so clear, now!

I still can’t solve the puzzle, though. :thinking:

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Just to be sure I understand it: The position that we see is before White takes back one move?


I had the same confusion, Adam. But now I feel good, because it took me only 5 minutes to figure it out.


So in other word, the task is to move a white stone to make a living shape?

Unfortunately that wording doesnt work :slightly_smiling_face:. I d feel like a liar and we dont want that.
No… you actually have to undo a move and replay it.

I added a branch with the solution.


Awww, how did I miss that :slight_smile: I tried literally everything else. Thanks for putting me out of my misery. Fun problem too.

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There is another solution. The last move of white was pass. Then black allows white undo it and white plays a stone to create living shape.

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