G0tstats is back! (with more stats)

Hey @Chinitsu I am the author of the opensource onlinego Android app. My two cents is that nobody would download an app just to see them stats. My suggestion would be instead to maybe contribute some improvements to my app instead?


That’s certainly a choice for me @MrAlex !

Though I’m quite hesitant because I don’t know Kotlin and last time I code in Java was like 10 yrs ago.

Could you kindly PM me the repo link though so I can at least have a look?


Interesting—and good—idea!

And … <iOS user coughs, and coughs again>

<… and pings> @HongAnhKhoa

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That’s part of the reason I suggested doing computations on a server… writing Android and iOS code is twice the work if you are committed to doing both natively!

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Kotlin is just java with some niceties on top. With a project like this you don’t have to get into these reeds. If you can just write the logic to compute the stats we can find s way to display them.

Please note the app already downloads all your rated games for my stats already.

I do agree with @benjito the proper way to do this would be to implement it into OGS backend, have you tried bringing this up with anoek?

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Yes, web is future because it is platform-independent.

But I want to ask what is the main different point between mobile apps and browser bookmarks? @MrAlex

I saved my OGS profile address as a bookmark of MS Edge browser both on my laptop and phone so I can play Go games at OGS whenever I want. And the OGS GUI is pretty elegant. I don’t think it is necessary to build kind of OGS app or client, just save your OGS address as a bookmark of your browser.

Different strokes for different folks! The apps are already built and I use MrAlex’s android app all the time as I find it preferable to the website on mobile.

The app is cleaner, has nice notifications and avoids unnecessary clutter, scrolling and pop up/out things. There point is you can tell it’s designed for mobile first whereas the website is obviously PC first with mobile accessibility second (although it does mobile pretty well as you say)
The app obviously achieves this in part by limiting features but also provides an easy link to the website so you can always pop over there if necessary.
There are already stats in the app and if Chinitsu’s stats were accessible there it would be perfect for me!


Is that the localStorage limit? Switching to IndexedDB might help you get around that.

If you decide to create an iOS app, feel free to use any useful bit you can find from my project: GitHub - honganhkhoa/Surround: A modern iOS app for playing Go on the Online Go Server (OGS).


Oh! I didn’t know about IndexedDB before. Thank you very much!


Is there a way to search for your results against a specific opponent?

I know the OGS profile page already does this, but it only shows the recent 5 games and it doesn’t show all the stats either.

I would like to see all the games and stats against a specific opponent.


If you go to game history (at the bottom of the profile page) you can filter on opponent :slight_smile:

For example, here’s your game history with @mark5000:


Oh I didn’t see there’s a search button there. Thanks!

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Still, it will probably be better to see the full stats against a certain opponent rather than just searching for the game records

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If you go to their profile, you can see your head to head

Yes but only the overall score, not the distribution (how many games won by resign, board size etc)