G0tstats is back! (with more stats)


I’m not a native speaker of English, but I have always thought that “to pick on somebody” not only means “to bully/harrass weaker ones” but could also mean “to challenge somebody” … was I wrong about that? (cf. “Pick on someone your own size!”)


Well. This was definitely lost in translation.

As @trohde noted, I was giving an example of extremes. Most players would hover around plus or minus one stone.

You need to consider context:

Both @AlphaGo_2_0 and I were working on statistical programs independently. Each of us had no idea the other guy existed. One day, I discovered this thread. I was happy because I have no time to finish what I started. I had ideas that I thought @AlphaGo_2_0 would like so I shared them in the thread.

There are no implications. I happen to play exclusively correspondence tournaments. I expect that I would have something around +3 because I’m always getting my ass kicked. I thought it would give more insight for players. That is all.

Read deeply into your stones. Don’t read deeply into forum messages.


That is a great line.

The difference in language between “picking on players” and “picking players” is small in size, but large in meaning.


As a reference to the well-known phrase of “pick someone your own size” which is used to criticize someone who beats up someone smaller, this means quite obviously that those who play against stronger players are not bullies, and it is no “deep reading” that this implies that others are (namely those that “hate to lose”). Otherwise, there is no reason to use a phrase that means harassing weaker people.

The answer by Professor_X just says that I am imagining things that are not there without giving an alternative explanation for the use of this phrase.

No deep reading required to see that those who play against stronger players only are described by positive terms (want to learn, not bullies) while the others (who happen to be those the first people profit from) are described negatively (hate to lose).

I will leave the conversation at that, but the answer of Professor_X “It’s all in your head” after using this kind of language certainly makes me happy with my blocking decision.


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OK, let’s now pls get back on topic … thanks everybody …


I’d prefer to see a moving average (maybe exponentially weighed if you have the time :smile:) of games per day over a few months rather than a global average. It’ll be more responsive to recent changes.


Any possibility to get stats about the time used per move? So that one could see whether one takes more time in the beginning, mid-game, or end?
And related: how much of one’s time was used up at the end pf the game? Reached Byoyomi in live games, etc.?

Would that make sense?


Hey guys, I just pushed another update on the server. Now you can link the result on chat to prove that you really do lose by resign all the time :smile:

There’s also a “hidden” 4th type of outcome that is “Moderator decision”, but I decided not to include it in because of aesthetic reasons.

The rank difference idea is really great, but I in the end there’s currently no way to get both players rank at the time of the game without having to request individual games’ data. Simple explanation for non-techies guys it’s similar to pressing F5 3000 times continuously really fast, which would probably get you ip blocked. Similar issue with time control too >.<

Maybe it’s about time I split the app into 2 different pages:

  • The first one is just as it is now, with info that’s instantly accessible,
  • and another page includes info that need more data from the server, which will require you to wait for some 5 or 6 mins.

Do you think it’s ok that way?

Anyway, sorry the update is so small, I did spend quite some time trying to work around the rank problem but it didn’t yield any result :frowning2:


@AlphaGo_2_0: THANKS for every work you put into this — it is NOT as if you were obliged in any way, so please don’t apologize for doing something for us :slight_smile: :heart:


Say, @AlphaGo_2_0,

this here:

Would it be possible (and reasonable?) to have some visualizations here?

  • Global ranking: a bell curve (“or something”) with our place in it?
  • Member since/games per day/win or lose streaks: a timeline? Zoomable? (Yeah I know, silly users always believe that coders can do magick :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

BTW, I believe those eight finished games on one day MUST have been games I resigned, I faintly remember once having been overwhelmed by the number of games in a few correspondence tournaments :smiley:

And did I say that I :heart: g0tstats?

In case I didn’t: I :heart: g0tstats :slight_smile:

Greetz, Tom


Thanks @trohde ! :smiley:

Your suggested changes are exactly what I’m trying to do about right now. There’s too many texts there right, I really want to make them more like an infographic that’s interesting to see.

I’m doing some huge changes to the app (ssh, it’s a secret) so it might take some time before the next update, possibly about a month or so. Please be patient :smiley:


Hi there.
Just in case you have space for more idea input.
Maybe its just me but when I think of “Go stats” I would love to see playing style statistics.
When I played poker some years ago you had all these fancy statistics: which hands you like to open with, aggressive/passiveness in different phases etc.

Translated to go I could think of stats like

  • favorite openings and win % with repeating patterns.
  • search for patterns in general and how often they appear
  • percentage of corner, side and middle territory
  • “aggressive” or “touching” moves in early / middle game…

okok, I could imagine the last two a bit difficult to identify but one can dream :slight_smile:


I like the playing style idea, but If I’m correct @AlphaGo_2_0 wouldn’t be able to get that from the API easily. If you had a zip of your games, it might be easier (There’s Gostyle for that as well.)


Oh wow, I had no idea this existed!


From my code…

                    #Determine the ranks of the player and the opponent.
                    if color == 'black':
                        player_rank = game['players'][color]['ranking']
                        opponent_rank = game['players']['white']['ranking']

                    if color == 'white':
                        player_rank = game['players'][color]['ranking']
                        opponent_rank = game['players']['black']['ranking']

It’s in the API. No need to go beating the hell out of the server once you have the request data.

I came here for something different…

Time frames… One month, six months, one year OR custom.

This all time data will be a human rights violation to all the new players and they never get to live down there early days.

This will give insight into player improvement in a much better way than we have now.

To become good at something you might think that that you will be bad at it for a while.

I don’t think you need to accept the bad stuff forever and never as some part of permanent record.


@Kabootle Yeah the idea is certainly cool and I’m trying to implement it in, but it’s very big and complicated, I’m thinking about implementing one small part at a time for that.

Also, there’s already a pretty good service for it available (Gostyle), and I’m a little afraid of “reinventing the wheel”, so it’s not an easy decision to make :slight_smile:

@Professor_X with current API your code will get each player’s current rank. To get the players’ rank at the time of the game you will have to make another request to get the game’s detail >_<

On the other hand time frames slicing sounds pretty cool, why didn’t I think about it before!
Will try to get it in. Probably something simple like “last 30 days”, “last year”, “all time” at first before getting to customizable time frame.


I must say that these name changes really confuse me :unamused:
(Though I can see how/why you wouldn’t want to keep “AlphaGo_2_0”.)


I must say that these name change are neither my fault nor within my control T_T
I logged in from a new computer and it suddenly change my account name to match the main site’s.


You can’t just get it from the rating value and calculate rank from there?

Glad you like the time frames. Could you put them at the top and then work down to all time?

This way, people with only a casual interest in my game can get the most recent information.