G0tstats is back! (with more stats)



what happened? Today OGS’s FB and G+ pages shared the link to g0tstats, and I re-shared, and now it seems to take forever to load … could it be there was a rush of people and g0tstats couldn’t take it?

Never mind, must’ve been temporary … all is well again.


@chinitsu I recently checked back on gostats after their latest server update and it seems to not work any longer. I have refreshed 2 to 3 times and it seems to start fine for a while but then the pages loading will be exceed the maximum page, E.g., loading 87 out of 41, and then never completes.


Mh… so I had to try it, too … at first it took a while and, for each graphic, it told me it couldn’t draw it (white text with red highlight, went away so fast I couldn’t even make a screenshot) but then it finished and drew all charts fine.

The “Global Ranking” also took a minute or perhaps 1:30, but then also finished fine (I mean the finishing, not my ranking :wink: )


It doesn’t work for me and hasn’t work since the big change of ogs. It is stuck on page 8 of 176 and I think that this is due to the fact that it tries to get games that have never been restored to the database after the upgrade.


Have you tried entering another user’s number and then again yours to perhaps clean the cache that gotstats creates on your computer?
(Just a shot into the blue since I understand nothing of these things.)


I can confirm that it gets stuck at page 102 of 196 when I look at Wulfenia.

It works for me - I have much fewer games - and I think it’s awesome.

The only thing I think could definitely do with a change is “Number of Opponents Faced”. The data/observations in here are skewed by teaching matches: I reckon this should be broken out in to “ranked” and “unranked”.

Great app though - would be awesome to see it integrated with OGS.


Clearing the cache improved the situation (got stuck much later).

I think that it would be really nice if there were the possibility to enter username and a time period. This would enable me to bring down the number of games to a reasonable amount and it would also be quite interesting.


Hey everyone! Thanks for the bug report and I’m terribly sorry for not update g0tstats after OGS api update.

I’m quite sure I can get the updated version up by next Sunday, and hopefully it could fix the game load issue. The problem is not that dire though, it’s because the number of game per page is out of sync with OGS: I hard coded (shame) number of games per page to 50, while new api returns 25 games per page -> g0tStats thought it’s done loading but it’s only 50% done.


FYI you can specify the page_size=50 so any changes we make to defaults doesn’t affect your code in the future


Ah no wonder @trohde 's works but mine doesn’t. He only has 13 pages whereas I have 41.
@Wulfenia You and I probably have too many pages in our game list for the current code to work.

No, no, Chinitsu. You’re doing a great service to us and I shall never take it for granted. It’s not an obligation but a nice gift for something that you’re not getting paid to do. Thank YOU Chinitsu ^^.


Ah, I see … thx for the clarification!

And this:[quote=“hiryuu, post:90, topic:6524”]
You’re doing a great service to us and I shall never take it for granted. It’s not an obligation but a nice gift for something that you’re not getting paid to do. Thank YOU Chinitsu

What @hiryuu says. g0tstats is AWESOME, I see it as a great gift to the OGS community, thanks a lot for this, and I also agree there is no obligation whatsoever!

(I remember, though, how I almost cried when Ootakamoku, that awesome Fuseki training site, stopped its service, and how I wished that its creator had open-sourced it.)


Ok as promised the new version is up, check it out friends!

What changed:

  • I fixed the problem with page number synchronization, it should display correctly now.
  • New color theme! (You may need to force reload to update with Ctrl+Shift+R or Command+Shift+R)
  • The long awaited feature of date filtering (unfortunately I could only do filtering “from start date” for now)
  • For the seniors: if you have joined OGS before the merge, g0tStats will use the date of your first game as your join date instead of 2013 (Thanks @Dyonn for the suggestion)

Issues I’m trying to fix:

  • Saving is not working for people over 4000-ish games, because the amount of data is over 5MB (the default maximum data a website is allowed to save on your browser). It would be silly to disable the features for those guys because they are the one who need it most. I’m thinking of a workaround for this, also opening to suggestion T_T
  • Somehow the load speed feel slower than before for me. Still looking for possible cause.


Hello everyone, first, g0tstats looks really nice, thank you Chinitsu!

Second, some time ago (1+ year) a stats program was mentioned which did analyse .sgf files (i think you needed at least 50) and then gave you information about your playing stile (such as defensive, moyo oriented etc.). I wanted to ask if anyone remembers (searching stats, sgf, tool, analysis i didn’t find the thread)? The followup question would be if Chinitsu is familiar with it and if it would be possible, if feasible, to implement this in G0tstats. Would be really cool ;), though i assume even if the code would be known it wouldn’t be simple…


I think you meant http://gostyle.j2m.cz/ ?
And no, even though I’d love to implement something like this G0tStats I…

  1. Lack the crucial know-how to do such complicated analysis.
  2. Find it silly to do the same thing someone else is already doing much better than me.

The best I can do is maybe to create an OGS sgf collector to go along with it :smiley:


Ty for the reply :).
Yes, the annoying thing was to collect the sgf files from …


Oh wait someone already done that too: https://github.com/EReeves/OGSGFGet

Edit oh wait it’s not working properly hmm… I’ll ask the author


Hey guys, i havent been able to use g0tstat for the past week or so on my laptop. gimme some help :frowning: no browsers work but i cant still get into it by phone.

Every page is like this one.
yeh, dont know what to do :stuck_out_tongue:


What can I say?

Works for me…


Works here too, so it’s probably a local issue for you.


Works for me too. Maybe check if you have any blockers turned on that prevent g0tstats from doing its work?