Game alert sound

Hi there amazing go players
There used to be a different sound when you were alerted a game has started.
I don’t really like the new sound that sounds like a boxing match. Is there a way to change it? I went to settings but i dont see any options for it.

If your browser supports adblockers (as it should), install uBlock and add this to your filter:

I suppose you could use that extension other people use to replace the countdown lady and use an alternative recording… like… this. :smiley:

Hello, you can mute or downplay the alert in your settings under “automatch alert”.

As far as changing the sound goes, Green As Jade (the original author of the alert script) already offered to make several sounds selectable if a community provides a list of decent sounds with no copyright violations, but that seems to not have happened yet.

So if you have a good suggestion feel free to answer to the aforementioned thread with it :slight_smile:


Didn’t realise that was a thing. Now, I don’t need to shit myself at the start of every game! Thanks!

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