Game arbitrarily finished, wrong winner

Hi, I am white in game #/8350494.

The game is finished with “black wins”, except that I should be the winner and black agrees with this (he wrote it in the comments area : “I do not get this, this should be your win ?”).

In fact I don’t remember having accepted dead stones.

What happened ? Could this be repaired ?


a link for convenience:

When the game is finished you should check the computer scoring (it is wrong occasionaly) and if needed changed it by clicking on groups/territory. Your opponent then has to accept the changes. At least that’s what I guess happened.

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Yes that’s what I’ve been doing since 2007 and along almost 2000 games.

The fact is that here I don’t remember having accepted dead stones, nor having the opportunity to do it, nor did my opponent do as it appears : he was as surprised as I was (just read his comment).

So there are two explanations : either I accepted dead stones without having seen the result (which I doubt, but it’s still a possibility), or it’s a bug, that is why I posted this message.

Ahem. Another game where the result is arbitrarily performed by the site.
In the game, I am black, I obviously lost the game, but the system claims I am the winner.

As for the previous game, I didn’t have the opportunity to accept dead stones. Two days ago, I passed, and I was waiting for my opponent’s turn.
Apparently he passed today, but still I didn’t have the “dead stone mark” round and was designated as the winner.

Once, I can think that my opponent and I both (which seems strange but…) forgot to mark dead stones. But twice, with another opponent, this looks as a bug, the system designating the winner without waiting for the dead stone round.

This should be seen in some program log, shouldn’it ? something like a time stamp for the last actions (which should show that I never “accepted” dead stones) ?

Pinging @anoek to see if this needs a Github bug report.

Anything you can think of that would make the game apply strict scoring without asking?

If the server thought one of the two players was a bot, it’d auto score. Of course right now not all bot games get auto scored… perhaps there’s a link.

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I’m the other player from the first game mentioned.
I’m playing every day and this was the first and only times to experience such behaviour.
I did not click anything “strange”, game was normal… And then suddenly it appeared that I won.

Not sure what was the exact flow, but either we both accepted correct scoring, or the scoring was made automatically without accepting anything.

We both knew I lost this game… Until suddenly I got notification about winning.

Well, It’s so frustraiting to be a fair player and to find guys who does not have any idea that GO is a game of honor. Recently, I played that game at It was long and challenging, but I won, at last, by points with blacks. Somehow, at the moment of counting, my opponent did not accepted the score several times, so I lost by time out!!! I play also at KGS, and there are cheater and escaper players too, how do you deal with them?