Game chat alt-click position feature

I just discovered that if I alt-click on the game board (Mac) it puts that position into the game chat.

Whoa! :smiley:


I wonder if this works on windows too… Will be giving this a go when I get home.

Co-ordinates you mean, right?

BTW… and OT

You’re a long-time Mac user? Because you wrote “alt” while it’s been “option” for quite some time now … I also still say “Apple+C” etc. instead of “cmd+C” :smiley:


On Windows, it is Ctrl+click


my macbook has both, though it is 10 years old :stuck_out_tongue:

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The only feature I miss from KGS, which led me to this thread. was the ability to CTRL-click to jump into analyse mode at the point where that stoned was played.
I thought that was really useful.

merely pasting the coordinates onto the chat isn’t a huge time saver

This should be implemented for ages. (Maybe it’s Alt or Shift). I’m not sure if it only works when you are in analysis mode thought.

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when in analyse mode, shift clicking a stone will take you to its move in the game… so it’s literally two steps instead of one… right-arrow -> shift+click as opposed to ctrl-click; doesn’t really seem like a deal-breaker to me but we all have our own preferences and priorities.


That works nicely ! Thank you very much, I am happy I asked


There’s some other shortcuts/tricks that I was collecting here

and hopefully to update this section in the docs on shortcuts

SHIFT + LEFT MOUSE BUTTON on any stone or intersection (in analyze mode only!) jumps to a move number in which that coordinate was played

It works in reviews too.

I’m in the process of learning how to update things with github. Maybe it’s easier update docs? As in not having to download the whole repo or?


Oh cool, I missed that somehow.

I would be happy to update the documentation (and will do it later if you don’t :wink: ), if you want to test it out yourself it is super easy, you need account at github, but that’s it, no downloading repo, no codint, the whole thing is wiki and there should be an “edit” button upper right, and you edit in in browser - bonus points if you know markdown, but you can figure it out even without the knowledge I am sure


Sorry I haven’t really had the time today to do it. I do see the edit button you mean now though.

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