Game Database (Pro Games)

Hi there, I was just thinking about Pro games, and access to them. It seems to me that there is potential for OGS to also become a database and place for people to view pro games much in the same way that you could use or Waltheri’s go pattern Search.

The advantage of the two websites that I mentioned are that they are able to pick and select games based on opening moves, and different patterns and such. And they have many games listed on there.

However, I see no reason that OGS cannot offer a simmilar service, if somewhat altered to better fit in to what OGS already offeres.

For example, it would be a far stretch to implement a pattern recognition sort of thing in to OGS and make that work to recall games.

But what I think OGS could do is create a long list of Pro names, and then when a name is clicked on, have a list of the game they have played… once a game is selected, an OGS board could bring up the game.

Of course, i do not know how any of this is achievable at all, but i do think it might be an interesting addition to OGS, to be a place not only to play go, but also a place to really study GO.

Also with there being SGF’s available, supposedly, it should not be all that difficult for this to be done… though i consider it something of a time-consuming project. But, what could be done, is an introduction to a new pro player every so often when the work of transferring all the games of that pro player has been done. (Not even every game just the top ten, or however many most recent games. or most interesting games, and so on.)

What could be done, is that month on month, or quarter on quarter, a new player could be introduced in to the OGS database of games of that player. So one month could be Lee Sedol. You make an announcement and or send out an email, letting everyone know that this pro players games are available to look at.

And one month it could be… Most famous players in history month and start of with Honinbo Shusaku, and have the ear reddening game in there with a few others.

I think this would generate a lot of interest. And with players coming on to OGS to study the game of Go as well as to play it i think it may well have a knock on effect that can only be a positive thing for OGS. Either way, my reason for suggesting this is simple… OGS is a place for new players as well as more experienced players. I would say that nine out of ten people on the website have little to no idea of the resources out there to learn go. and sometimes it takes a long time before a person either discovers these resources, or someone tells them where to find them.

What i am suggesting is that OGS become a centre of different resources. OGS has already made steps in this direction with the Puzzle section, and the learn to play feature. OGS in my opinion also has the best tools for game analysis, and generally is the most ergonomic of all go sites that I have used to play. I think the addition of a pro game database of sorts would be a great step forward in to distinguishing OGS as a front-runner in online GO playing and Communities.

Thanks for reading, and I apologise about my being very wordy.


There’s a website called go4go that you can make an account on and it has names you can click on and it’ll show you all* the games by that player you selected. You can view the games on the site or download them for yourself. That’s just some info, I do like the suggestion for ogs.

*by all I mean all the games they have on that site, although it does get updated regularly enough.

I use Waltheri’s Go pattern search to find pro games, it has many many games on there, and in all fairness is quite nice to use.

I just think that OGS has potential to be a sort of hub of go activity. You can already watch games being playerd here, do go puxxles, there is a forum, you can learn to play, you can do mass demonstations even without the use of twitch and such, and there is the Demo board thatcan be used.

there are so many excellent featurs that really really set OGS apart from the other go playing servers. But it would be the hight of silliness to say that more cannot be done to make OGS better.

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That’s a great idea. I reckon you volunteer to keep it up to date?


In my opinion, things further up the to-do list should be

  1. A better stone noise
  2. Recognition of drawn games in no-/even-komi format
  3. Rengo

But OGS is already all that anyone could reasonably ask of it and more, and in my view the best Go site on the Internet. As for the idea of adding the proposed database, depending on the source and importer discretion you’d be looking at between 50,000 and 100,000 games. In comparison I think the number of OGS games stored on the site is over a million, so we’d be OK on that front.


I dont know if I’m the right man to keep it updated personally XD. but i would love to help if this was in the works.

@bugcat, i think the stone noises are perfectly fine. I dont play nonKomi games, so i dont really have an opinion on that one. And ive never played rengo, would love to give it a go though.

I think that OGS is amazing, But, just because its already amazing, does not mean that it cannot get better. That is my thoughts on making suggestions, from smaller ones to grand ideas like making a pro game database.

We already have a few pro games on OGS from the Transatlantic Go Championship, yes there are only a couple on there, but what i mean is that OGS could very well become an online hub for all Go players, and indeed cover all the wants and needs that a go player may want.

It already announces several twitch streams and evets, so that players can log in and actually feel thay are a part of the world go community in smaller ways. But, there is so much more that could be added and done, and in a way that would not detract from OGS itself.

Hey that happened. We have a thread that kind of keeps track of some pro games played on OGS specifically. It probably requires a good bit of work to keep it updated though with the euro pro league [well like adding a couple of games a week - but you have to remember it :)]