Game lost by timeout?

Hi everybody.
I was surprised when I’ve lost my game by timeout. I’ve lost the game when there was move of my opponent. What happened to this game?

That’s crazy. :open_mouth: Was your opponent on vacation, by any chance?

No, he wasn’t. I lost the game but I play next ones. Sometimes I win, sometimes I lose… It’s only game…

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Weird stuff.

I appreciate such a view of the game :slight_smile: (wish I could always see it that way when I lose). Nevertheless it would be good to find out what happened if it looks a serious bug, so I’ll “take the liberty” to mention @anoek and @matburt (forgive me :wink: )since I know how easily things can be overlooked with so many posts to check …

Yep this is a known bug that rears its ugly head periodically, I’m going to be working on a permanent fix next week

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I Realize that this topic is a bit older, but I just had a very similar experience.
It was a blitz game, in the last move I put my stone, with 1sec left, my opponent was notified, that its his turn and suddenly my stone disappeared again and I lost by timeout.
Never happened before or after that but still weird.

I just had The same experience today and have been playing everyday more than one time…

I was really into this tournament and because of this it says I am disqualified…

Is there any way to ask for a reactivation of the game where it was?