Lose by timeout during opponent's move

So far, I’ve played three games and lost all three of them by timeout. However, what I saw was that my opponent ran out of time, their clock stayed on 0.0 for several seconds, and suddenly I had lost by timeout. In the third game, after the opponent’s timeout and their clock being on 0.0 for a while (at least 30 seconds), the stone they played in the last move suddenly appeared, and I lost.

Also, I found this topic in which the same thing (I think, at least a similar thing) is discussed… It seems to be a bug, but apparently hasn’t yet been solved?

Hi @absterrr, what browser and operating system were you using? Also, what kind of internet connection were you using? Is it possible there were intermittent connection issues that might have been going on ? (Like a weak wireless signal, or on a cellular network?)

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Thanks for the fast reply! I was using Google Chrome (v57.0.2987.133) on Windows 8.1. I’m on a cellular network. This morning I played a few games over the same connection, and it worked fine. So it probably was just the cellular network being annoying for a little while. Hadn’t thought of that being a problem.

Cool good to know. I suspect that was it, although we definitely need to have some better feedback when a connection is dropped. I’ve added that to our github issue tracker: https://github.com/online-go/online-go.com/issues/235

Git, nice! I suppose that would be useful, indeed. And maybe warn the opponent, too. Or maybe automatically pause the game so it can be resumed when the connection is fine again. Just to make the chances of losing this way smaller.