Game name problem

An opponent of mine started a correspondence game with me using the name ‘go again?’.
If I try to download the game it results in a download with no name just the .sgf file type, This is not recognised by many of the Go sgf editors.
Should the ? not be disallowed in the game name. It seems like the ? is not being escaped when the form is filled and read by the system.

Silly question but can you rename the game before importing it inot the sgf editor?

I haven’t tried but when I think about it How?

On the downloaded file, right click, rename file

The file name consists of ‘.sgf’ it has no name. It will not download so cannot be changed the way you suggest.


I’ve located the game in question ( and everything seems to be in order. The game has analysis disabled, which also disables SGF download (to prevent analysis in external editor).
If you open the downloaded file in a text editor, it reads:

Error: SGF downloading is disabled for this game until the game is finished.

Names of SGFs are in the following format:

So only strange characters in players’ names can affect a game name, but in my experience it is handled quite well.


You have the correct game. However if you open the game and then the right border and click the Download SGF I get the normal download prompt >Do you want to open or save sgf from< with three buttons to Open Save Cancel the Save being the normal download choices Save, Save as, Save and open. In this game if you choose Open or one of the Save options it causes problems. The downloaded file must have an extension. In my other games if I click Open it recognises the file as having the sgf extension and opens it in my preferred application CGoban.
So there is something wrong, I assumed that the presence of a ? in the game name was being misread by the online-go application and causing it to elide the real name. Hence my report.

I agree that there should be some form of feedback that it is not possible to download the SGF of games with disabled analysis mode until they are finished.

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