Looking for beta testers for OGS v5!

Initial time and Max time in the Fischer time setting could not be set independently.

(I actually think it should be possible to have more initial time than max time, but the other way around also did not work.)

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Just to put it out there, I’m not a fan of an unswitchable Auto-Advance. (Did I miss a setting somewhere?)

No you didn’t miss it, I just forgot to put it back in, it’s on the todo list already - should be in early next week.


little layout problem, chrome 55.0.2883.95 (64-bit)


Some new things I noticed: :slight_smile:
(still on mozzila with two accounts running)

several weird issues with clock:

  • time in the accept scoring phase is frozen (works, but does not count down visually)
  • when you pause a game and then do not unpause but play a move by clicking the moves is accepted, but the game stays paused.
  • whenever I make a move several seconds seem to be randomly added or reduced from my clock
  • several times (when playing blitz) I timed out even though I had still several byo yomis left.
  • when I pause the game on byo-yomi the girl seems to quickly say a random number :smiley:

Other minor fun things:

  • Default live option for 13x13 seems to give white only 0,5 komi (only on 13x13)
  • Even though I am unable to accept live games when already in one I seem to be able to create live challenges, kind of weird.
  • when you click around with the square or triangle tool in analyze mode and then return to the game, the cursors stays triangled

This thread brought up a thing I found a bit odd as well.

There should be a better feedback if the game has analysis disabled and the SGF can not be downloaded. Maybe just omit the download button in such games (of course, bring it back after the game is finished), or flash a warning like the one displayed when one tries to enter analysis…

Now, v5beta at least brings up an ERR_INVALID_RESPONSE and does not download an empty SGF (or rather one with “Error: SGF downloading is disabled for this game until the game is finished.”) which might confuse users.


The default values for round robin tournaments are illegal, there are still “pairing methods” and there is the text that I have to be on the tournament page even though it is a correspondence tournament.


To be more specific it seems default 13x13 live option gives white 1 handicap (erasing komi) which is weird, since both my accounts have exactly the same rank, same number of played games and same win/lose ratio atm.


  • still unable to create custom 9x9? (creates 19x19)
  • I seem unable to change my password and am instead greeted with this message: ‘WSGIRequest’ object has no attribute ‘REQUEST’
  • the game information before accepting seems to read automatic komi even though I chose custom and in fact the custom komi was used in game
  • I guess no one really cares, but since it is possible to create a draw maybe the ending messige should be something different than black wins by 0 (although I am glad that black is favoured for once :smiley: ;-))

Man, you are working fast :smiley:

  • Change password is now working, but when I do it it seems to leave me in some half logged in state where it seems that I am logged in, but cant really do anything useful (create games) until I log out and back in.
  • The sign in form says username or email, but as far as I can tell accepts only username.
  • The change page arrow in Watch games mode does not work for me (can only see the first page out of X). Also it might be usefull to put one at the bottom of the page as well. It is kind of annoying/confusing to have to navigate back up.
  • When there is a live PRIVATE game in progress and a third user goes to the Watch page he is immediately greeted with “Not allowed to access this game” error (before clicking on anything). The page then shows this game as a board with endless loading on it. (It was the only live game atm, if that might be significant…)

Found a bug/missing control: (on mobile) if I click on the move number in the comments section I get to that specific move. But then there is no way to get back to the current state Of the game apart from reloading the whole site


Have just started playing on beta.org (and am sandbagging, boo for me but I wanted to test the rank change weirdness), is this the right place to mention bugs or are you using a tracker somewhere?

Minor thing: When creating a new custom game, whatever board size you select at the top is overridden by whatever your last custom game was. So if you click ‘9x9’ and then “Custom” and your previous custom game was 19x19, the form will start with 19x19 selected.

Related minor thing: Using the quick start game (Correspondence vs Live vs Blitz) you can only play ranked, handicapped games. This might be deliberate (encourage handicaps!) but it is not how most OGS users play right now.

Not a bug but a suggestion: Could the required number of games for provisional players be reduced in beta? It would be nice to test the correspondence ladders sooner than the month or two it will take to complete enough correspondence games required, even assuming people play really fast.


Yep here is great. Good catches and points, they’re in the queue :slight_smile:

Also I just set everyone’s provisional games to 0 on beta. I need to do that automatically too… haven’t done that yet though.

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No game notification email received from beta server yet, I lost my very 1st game on beta server due to timeout.

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I can’t get rid of an invitation to a group, it always comes back after reload.
It can not be declined (“An error has occurred…”), nor it can be dismissed by “Clear all notifications”.

EDIT: I accepted and then left the group, so there’s no notification anymore, but the problem will be there, I presume.

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This is an old bug, but it’s still around:

  1. Press ‘estimate score’.
  2. Press ‘analyze game’.

You are now stuck in estimate score mode, cannot analyze, and ‘Back to Game’ no longer works. You have to reload the game.

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Not a bug, but a thing that has always bugged me, as it were :stuck_out_tongue:

The fact that not all settings are stored server-side. Specifically, the fact that every time I log in from a new browser, I have to go to Settings and turn the sounds off again. I love the web UI because I can always reach OGS from anywhere, but this niggles.


Once stuck, if you press “Estimate score” again, then click back to game, you’re back. Still a bug, but an easier workaround for now.


Thanks everyone who’se reported bugs, we logged (and fixed!) a little over 100 :slight_smile: Seems like the reports have slowed down a bit and things are stabilizing - we’re going to give it another week for people to bang on things and for us to prepare, then we’ll finally get v5 released on monday.

Thanks again for everyone who poked around on the site trying to break it!


SGF library link in the main menu doesn’t work when one is already inside a sgf library collection "folder"
It will give error. “This library collection doesn’t exist or is private”

Also Couldn’t get SGF uploading to work on slightly old chrome, up to date chrome or on Vivaldi
I tried using the upload button or dragging the file. Nothing happens when I drag files or hit open (after selecting a file to upload) The browser developer tools console shows some actions happening but I can’t read that mumbojumbo

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Puzzles scale weirdly. Small “board” upscale a tad when the first stone is played and big boards scale more up when the first stone is played.

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