Looking for beta testers for OGS v5!

After many months and a lot of hours, we’re finally getting close to having the next major version of OGS ready! This release consists of a ton of improvements on both the backend server as well as the user interface. A brief change log can be found here: https://beta.online-go.com/docs/changelog

While we’re finishing up the last few straggling issues we’d love to get some more eyes on it and folks testing things out to help us find what we missed so we can fix them up before v5 goes live on the real site.

So go check out https://beta.online-go.com/ and let us know what you think and find! Thanks!!

Known Issues:

  • The puzzle create interface isn’t done yet (will be wrapping that up shortly)
  • The pirate flags etc for your country are missing (that’s on the todo list to fix)

I volunteer


Excellent, well go create yourself an account on https://beta.online-go.com/ and tell us what we missed! :slight_smile:


https://beta.online-go.com/developer is empty. I have been trying to get answers for a few weeks now, but there is no working path for third party clients to authenticate. My existing client was invalidated with the 5.0 update and I can’t make a new one.

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Not sure if this is a bug or not, but estimated times for blitz, live, and correspondence games should be different for different board sizes.

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List of everything I noticed:

  1. I dislike it a lot that “Create a live game” takes me to a match opponent feature with completely undisclosed parameters, rules and rank intervals. At the very least, this has to be labelled differently. Since there are not many people around, I cannot check what happens next.

  2. Profile is now way down on the left-hand menu despite the fact that it is not in the top menu and it is the page I prefer to the thing that is now called “Lobby”. (Maybe, everything is semi-German for me, and there are a lot of mistranslations, for example, Block is translated as if it were Black, and “send challenge” as if it were “sent challenge”.)

  3. The semi-German translations draw attention to the fact that a lot of the less impressive translation are actually things that are questionable. Why does the button “Go on Vacation” need a heading “Vacation control” at all? Shouldn’t the title “Language Setting” be “Select Language:” to draw attention to the fact that “English” is actually a drop-down menu?

  4. Another translation issue is that when the German words are longer, the buttons are completely misaligned (for example, in review mode when clicking on the other user).

  5. Is it necessary that the default setting is email notifications for absolutely everything?

  6. It is sad that sending a challenge in chat “disables” the whole tab while waiting for the opponent, however, the game started MUCH more smoothly than before.

  7. Is there no way to adapt the volume during the game? I did not find it, tried “Zen mode” in the hope that it would shut up. On the other hand, I don’t see why the change of theme is so prominently placed on the page, this is not something one does a lot while changing the volume because of something going on in your background comes up a lot for me. Yay for the silenced countdown voice.

  8. While things work much quicker than before, I still got one transmission error and reloaded the tab (which was very quick, though).

  9. Edit Buttons in Review mode are now much better accessible.

  10. In the Black Theme, the chat window (in chat with another single person) has Black text on dark grey background.

  11. The need for clicking the tiny floppy disk to save the profile settings was not apparent to me at first try.

  12. Server Library just greeted me politely, but no functionality.

  13. The chat window beside the game is much smaller with empty space around and it can be scrolled partly out of the screen.

  14. It is not good that a live challenge allows to select 10 seconds byo-yomi but changes it silently to 4min30sec. Similarly, when a ranked game is not possible because of rank difference it would be nice to return to the challenge menu to uncheck ranked instead of being kicked out.

  15. Challenge seems to simply disappear after some seconds.

  16. Zen mode makes the Submit Button disappear which is a problem when that is the input method. But I like how it makes the chat window disappear when not needed.


I found this irritating as well. I’ll never click “Blitz” or “Live” unless I know how much overtime I get. I’d much rather see something like:

5m + 5×30s overtime

You can place the time estimate underneath that if you like to keep it approachable, although I feel the time information would help beginners enough just by itself.

I also think the default board size should be 19x19 and not 9x9.

PS: black theme >>> off-gray theme

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First of all, thanks for all the work you put into this :heart_eyes: looking forward to the release :slight_smile:

What I found to be a big problem (all on up-to date firefox)

  • Whenever I try to open some link from the “header” in a new tab (no matter wheter by middle mouse clicking or right mouse menu) it just opens completely blank (refreshing fixes)

  • When I tried to rematch my opponent full settings were available, but whatever time setting I chose, the game started with 5min fisher. Handicaps and board size changed though.
    EDIT: the full settings for a game seem to be completely wonko. When I create custom game from the main create a game option and chose 9x9 it creates 19x19 anyway

  • the online/offline dots seem not to work. Showing offline even thought both players are clearly responding

  • most hillariously, the scoring counts terribly wrong :smiley: see the image. Black has clearly won, even the ponts below names say so, but the result says white won??? What??? :smiley: Am I losing it? (https://beta.online-go.com/game/957 or https://beta.online-go.com/game/972) White always wins :smiley: no matter what I do. Damn it that’s not fair, is it??? Are you racist or something? :stuck_out_tongue: I think black should also be able to win… (Yeah, I actually counted manually to check, somebody give me a cookie.)

  • game history does not work?


  • cancel game option would maybe be less confusing if the two options weren’t cancel and ok :smiley: Maybe I am just retarded but I pushed cancel like twenty times and wondered why it did not cancel the game :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

  • not really a problem but just a though shouldn’t the time settings kind of change depending on the board size? I dont really consider 15 min 9x9 to be blitz…

  1. Text chat did not work in review, but voice chat worked. That is very nice.
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In setting up a custom game challenge, the live time setting “Time Per Period” defaults to 4 minutes 30 seconds when you try to select 15 seconds or less, and the blitz time setting defaults to 6 seconds when you try to select 4 seconds or less.

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DISCLAIMER: I am running two accounts simultaneously on one computer (one in incognito window) I dunno but it might be related to some of the problems…


  • My rank was completely uneffected by my ranked games.
  • when I created a challenge it seemed to stay in the listed games for only about 10s and then disappeared… (even though it still said wainting for an opponent on the first account)
  • I tried to create a review by both accounts that played the game, but for the second player it kept opening the first players’ review and I could not create a separate one.


  • There is no longer “original game” link in review mode, it was usefull to me, gone forever?

It did work for me… curious.

And I am sorry, I feel like this thread is very negative (although I guess that’s the point) but it looks great alltogether. We appreciate it :slight_smile:
Also, still waiting for my cookie, tbh


Chances are both accounts were provisional.

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not a big fan of the “rank > time you’ve probably been playing Go” bit - if i’m 8k and have been playing 25 years i’m an idiot because i’m not 2d+?


Don’t worry, I was first introduced to Go over 50 years ago and I still suck at the game … ~10k :wink:

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Simple Time Control still displays incorrect time!
I just created game with 9 sec per move and it displays 12. When 3 secs left I lost.


um. safari was a little whack right from the start


also signup with used name (who took my name!?)

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ok, old password, then:

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The rank selection form showed up twice in a row when signing up.

It’s sweet to see that so much is being worked on, keep it up!

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Firstly thanks for all the time and effort you put into this. Is really appreciated. I have spent a few mins trying to break as much as I could. Here is what I found:

The Demo Board:
Firstly I love this idea.
The default rank is 3Pro. Is this an appropriate default? Should the rank not default to the rank of the user making the demo?
Move numbers are always “Move 0 + x” where x is move number. I don’t understand what the 0 is about? I am not sure if this is also the case with real games as I haven’t played one in the beta site.
In game information, there is a white box beside Black and White’s username. Not sure what that is about?

In the support OGS page, the PayPal image at the bottom is broken. I know it should be PayPal because the link works. Just the image isn’t there

In the “About” section, I can click team or changelog and see the text change like it should. However, I can’t get back to the about or the other option. They disappear from the top

In both server library and my library section, I just see “Hello World [LibraryPlayer]”

In a group, you can revoke your own permission meaning the group has no admin?

Not sure what the green alien thing in the upper right is about?

If I notice anything else I will post here. Looking forward to the update!