Looking for beta testers for OGS v5!

nice work on making the site faster! it runs very smoothly for me :grinning:. (using chrome)

  1. it is still possible to select handicap together with random color when creating a game.
  2. i have no stone sounds on demoboards (they work in games).
  3. i found it very useful to be able to mute a game on the game page and not having to go to settings and mute everything. is that option just gone? or is zen mode supposed to be silent? because it isnt for me.
  4. havent been able to find the malkovich log so far.

i will keep looking.

P.S.: here is your cookie @Adam3141


What version of safari are you using? I can’t seem to replicate the navbar text wrap issue

Translation updates would be greatly appreciated: Online-Go.com | Projects | Online-Go.com Translation Server :slight_smile:

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Might be a bit too hidden currently… you click the button that says ‘Chat’ to toggle between chat and malkovich, now that i’m looking at it, that’s not intuitive at all…


Hello and thank you very much!

Few things though:

  • The audio control thing has been already mentioned
  • The trophy link that takes one to the tournament/ladder page.
  • The full-screen mode. (Zen mode is not the same, I like the full-screen, i. e. moving the controls and main bar to the right, as it is now. Or maybe just add an option to see clock in Zen mode.)
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Where are you seeing this? Also what browser/os/language are you using?

@anaoek: I am using chrome on ubuntu.

I am seeing it on the “demo board” in the comments section.

If you still can’t find it I can screen shot and send to you?

Edit: Here is a link to the problem


that was 8.0.8

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@anaoek, @Mark5000
Mark, I have updated comments in the link (https://beta.online-go.com/demo/view/68). Seems to me as if variation comments are persistent across variations

Edit 1:

if I type something like abc123 in the comments section it appears as c12. Is this a parsing error?

Edit 2:
I just noticed something else (yes, i have nothing better to do with my time…)

If i am mid game and click to review, it brings me to the review page. But I can’t get back to the game from the reivew page. This is the “return to original game” or something to that effect in current version of the site. In beta it is “pause game”

Edit 3:
In a game, if you click on say “move X” in the comments, it isn’t clear that you are in analysis mode. The analysis section isn’t there. It isn’t even clear that you aren’t up to the current game

Edit 4:
In a review, I can not delete a branch.


When I create a game (unranked blitz) it disappears after a few seconds from the “graph” and list, but it still says “looking for an opponent”.

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the Chat input field is almost off the bottom of the page. I’ve resized and maximised, didn’t make any difference.

Opera 36.0 on Windows.


Chrome on Windows 7:

  1. Middle clicking on games being played doesn’t open them in new tab as expected.

  2. The area where you can click a game far exceeds the boundary for the goban and surrounding text. Also, the highlighting only occurs once your mouse crosses over the goban, as opposed to the actual border of the clickable area.


One more thing:

I can give control to someone else in the review, but it is nowhere indicated who has control.


the new site looks great. i have nothing to report just yet, but wanted to ask @anoek about any new API documentation, if it exists, for developers/bot hosting.

edit: one thing is, i can’t seem to see any controls for stepping game moves in analyze mode in mobile (iPhone). I’m sure that’s not a big deal to fix, but one request of mine is that when these buttons do show up, they get bigger and more spaced out. I always end up pressing play/pause by accident while stepping through moves.


Minor bug: the website slot in the profile settings only loads URLs prefaced with http protocol. Thus, “http://online-go.com” (as my website) redirects properly to online-go.com, while “www.online-go.com” and “online-go.com” are considered invalid entries and redirect to my profile page.


i agree, its noticeably snappier, and my internet connection is poor,
so i have to assume alot of stuff was moved to respond locally and asynchronously update the server instead of blocking. nice job


Everything looks much better! I must admit I was kinda hoping for better profile pictures, but that’s really not important :stuck_out_tongue:

I played a game against a bot. Everything was smooth, but it lost on time. I guess that’s more the bot’s fault though ^^

Can’t wait for the release :slight_smile:

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I play almost exclusively on mobile so here are some thoughts about the beta site on mobile. (Edit: Android 7.1.1, chrome browser)
The good:
So snappy, cool
Slide in the menu from the left border of the screen? Awesome!
The tiny navigation buttons in analysis mode are replaced by the tree, feels easier to navigate.

The neutral
The buttons to reach analysis mode, report mod etc are still the same tiny labels. Don’t know how often I start a review by accident or get asked to describe my issue for the mod when I just wanted to go to analysis mode.

Maybe just not obvious? I cannot click the player icons to get to the player’s profile anymore.
The tournament overview looks buggy, no other site has that issue so far:

Will post more when I find it

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  1. i think it is not possible to enter the malkovich logs of games you didnt play in yourself (meaning you cant read it as a spectator). that would be a pity.
  2. malkovich entries are not distinguishable from normal chat entries.
  3. when toggling to malkovich log, the text describing what it is cant be read, because it is too long for the window.
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In what way? That’s an easy one :slight_smile: Keep in mind, I’m quite the hack when it comes to making things look good, some folks are naturals, I am not, so any input around things like that is usually quite appreciated :slight_smile: