Game Notification Bug

I have a game (9803545) that’s finished that is correctly not listed ongoing on the home page but pops up when I cycle through my games where I’m to move using the circled number notification at the top…

My black game counter number shows 1 instead of 0 when I made moves in all of my games.When I click it, it leads to this game: in which it is certainly not my turn. It is so since a few days, even after we made a pair of moves in this game.

Tagging @anoek to get his attention here.


have the same problem

game devs? @matburt or @anoek ?

Looking into it


I have a similar issue with these two games:

Both show up in my game counter but the game says it’s the opponent’s move to play.

My game counter is stuck on 3 and cycles the same three games to me whether or not it’s my turn. And all my other games (where it is my turn!) never come up. I have to keep returning to my home page to see in which games it’s my turn. Not the end of the world but really tedious. Especially on mobile where load times are slower.

Wonder why all games are with Bulkin ?

Any word on what’s going on? It’s really aggravating. I also think that the games that are stuck in my queue are not getting sent to my opponents and they are in danger of timing out.

That’s quite possible, my opponent is answering rather slowly!!!

They are probably only noticing it is their turn when they are at the home screen. But I doubt their games are auto loading like usual. If I didn’t go to my home page to see the list of games in green, I would have no idea it was my turn and I would time out. My usual habit is it look at the turn indicator and just click on it and then play through all the games until it gets to zero. Then return a while later and do the same thing. I don’t always go to the home screen. Now I have to return to that screen after every move.

There was a bug earlier that some game in some circumstances (especially around accepting and undo request) does not shown in the indicator. I’ve even lost a game (or two) by timeout because of it.

I’m starting to wonder if some of my opponents are not touched by this bug, because on two ongoing games where my opponents have played on a daily basis, they are about to time out today, as if they were not aware it is their turn to move (serious players, games quite close and entering endgame). I sent them personal messages, but not sure they got them.

You can put the game on pause, if you fear they are about to wrongly lose.

Yes, of course! I should have thought about it. For one of them, it’s too late. :confused:

Hi there, same problem for me. Only one game. now fninished, but shows up as a game in which I have to move:

Oh no! That’s a game against me! Am I the virus!?! Help anoek!

I have the same problem in a game against Misawa. I created an issue over at github, I didn’t realize there is already a thread here about that.

Here is the link to the github issue:

Oh no! I am the disease! It is really really annoying. I hope it can get fixed soon.

To add to you woe Misawa my buggy game is with you too!